Fastest Firewood Processor 2015

What is the Wood Beaver Model 20 BAB Fastest Firewood Processor 2015?

Wood Beaver Model 20 BAB Fastest Firewood Processor 2015 is a high-performance machine designed to quickly and efficiently process firewood. It features a 20-inch flywheel and is capable of generating up to 8-tons of splitting force. It is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic log lifter, and a built-in log-catcher, making it a reliable and efficient option for processing firewood. Additionally, it is equipped with a self-feeding conveyor system and an adjustable feed rate, allowing it to handle a variety of log sizes. The Model 20 BAB is the fastest firewood processor on the market, offering maximum efficiency and productivity.

If you are looking for a high-production and low-cost firewood processor, the Bad A** Beaver 20 is your machine. This model is the fastest in its class and can process up to four cords of firewood an hour. Designed for firewood producers, this machine comes with two or three-strand live decks and can chew through logs up to 18 or 27 feet long.

Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS for Beaver 1 Firewood Processor has a patented guillotine-cutting system that increases machine productivity. The 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw can process logs of up to 16 inches in diameter. The multi-function firewood processor is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

The Bad A** Beaver 20 is an efficient, low-cost firewood processor with the fastest processing speed of any Wood Beaver Machine. It can chew through four cords of wood per hour. This machine is perfect for firewood producers. It is available with a two or three-strand live deck and can handle log lengths of up to 18′ and 27′.

Lil Beaver 16

The Lil Beaver 16 Firewood Processor is a compact and highly portable machine that splits and processes wood logs up to 12 feet in diameter. It has an engine that produces ten horsepower and uses a two-stage hydraulic pump. It can break a cord of wood in just over an hour. It is ideal for homeowners, farmers, and contract firewood producers.

It is easy to use and has low maintenance requirements. It is portable and has a high productivity rate. It has an ergonomic operator station with dual joysticks. It also features an auto-retracting splitter. It also features a patent-pending guillotine cutting system for a safer cut. The saw’s teeth are replaceable, which is another essential feature.

Another popular firewood processor is the Timberwolf PRO-MP. This single-operator machine has a live deck, patented Top Roll clamping system, roller guide, and hydraulic cut-off saw. It also has a 36HP Yanmar engine and a conveyor to transport the processed logs to the pile. The Timberwolf PRO-MP comes standard with a four-way wedge and is also available with a six-way wedge.

The 18 BAB comes equipped with almost everything a firewood processor could need. You can choose the best engine for you and how the logs are fed. You can provide it from a live deck, dead deck, or by a log lift. The 18 BAB has an engine that can handle logs up to 14 feet in diameter. Despite its size, it is capable of a high-quality job and produces salable firewood in less than four seconds.

Timberwolf PRO-MP

The Timberwolf PRO-MP wood beaver is a single-operator firewood processor with a live deck, hydraulic cut-off saw, and Top Roll clamping system. The machine also boasts a 36HP Yanmar engine and a conveyor. It comes standard with a four-way wedge but is available in six-way and eight-way configurations.

This firewood processor is designed for homeowners, farmers, and small wood businesses. It has an impressive two to three-cord processing capacity and can split logs up to 12 feet long. It is portable, has low operating costs, and is incredibly productive. It also boasts an ergonomic operator station and auto-retracting splitter. It is also equipped with a patent-pending guillotine cutting system, which provides a safer cut.

The new 2022 Model 18 BAB firewood processor is more significant, faster, and more potent than its predecessor. Its powerful engine can handle logs up to 18 inches in diameter and split them in about four seconds. The new model can be moved to another location in three to four seconds and has a powerful, reliable hydraulic system.

Apache 300 Japa

The Apache 300 Japa wood beaver model is one of the fastest firewood processors available today. It is designed for small businesses, farmers, and homeowners alike. The processor has an independent hydraulic system powered by a 13-horsepower Honda engine. The machine splits logs up to 18 inches in diameter and can be moved easily from one location to another. It also comes with a hitch, highway subframe, and suspension axle.

Another high-end firewood processor is the Timberwolf PRO-MP Beaver 1. The PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor is an excellent choice for those who want to process large logs without worrying about clogging. Its hydraulic saw has a 4.5-second cycle time and includes a sawdust clean-out chute and protective lockout covers. Other features of this machine include a CAM measurement system that measures log length.