Features of the Hudson Wolverine Earthquake W1000 and W1200 Wood Processors

What is a Hudson Wolverine Wood Processor?

Hudson Wolverine Wood Processor is a powerful machine used to quickly and efficiently turn chunks of wood into logs, boards, and other lumber products. It features a large circular saw blade and a conveyor belt to move the wood through the machine, as well as a hydraulic log splitter. The Wolverine is easy to use and can cut logs up to 10 inches in diameter. It is the perfect tool for any sawyer or woodworker who needs to quickly turn logs into boards for their projects.


The Hudson Wolverine Earthquake W1000 and W1200 wood processors are very similar in their features, but one of the differences is the price. The former costs between $10 and $15k, while the latter costs around $12k. Here are some features to consider before purchasing a wood processor.

It is rugged and tough

The Hudson Wolverine wood processor is a versatile machine designed for woodworking enthusiasts. This rugged machine is ideal for homeowners, farmers and small wood businesses. Its 10 HP engine and two stage hydraulic pump enable it to split and process wood of up to 24 inches in length. It is affordable and easy to operate.

The Wolverine is found throughout much of Canada and is a common sight in forested and mountainous areas. It also occurs in the arctic tundra. In the 1990s, it was found on Vancouver Island, but was not reported on Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island. However, it was found on many of the Arctic islands, including Ellemere, Victoria, Banks, Prince of Wales, and Somerset.

It is large & dependable

The Hudson Wolverine wood processor is a powerful and large piece of equipment designed for firewood processing. It has a heavy-duty, two-stage hydraulic pump and a powerful motor. It can split logs up to 24 inches long, and can cut them to desired lengths. It is ideal for farms, small wood businesses, and homeowners.

This machine is large & dependable and is the perfect solution for wood processing jobs. The high-quality wood chips it produces make it a popular choice for contractors. Depending on the size of the project, this Hudson Wolverine wood processor can process up to 22,000 square feet of lumber in one day. It can also process a variety of wood species.