Fire Wood Processor Attachment

The Halverson HWP-120 ski-steer firewood processor attachment is an excellent option if you need to process firewood quickly and efficiently. It features an adjustable splitter head and a six-way ram that can process up to sixteen inches of wood per hour. It is compatible with most tractors and can process logs up to 20 feet long.

Halverson HWP-120

The Halverson HWP-120 skid steers firewood processor attachment is a compact, robust and safe firewood processor attachment. It is ideal for light commercial and residential use. It is also suitable for campers and resorts. You can use this attachment to cut, split and process wood quickly.

The Halverson HWP-120 firewood processor attachment is mounted on a skid-steer and picks up logs using its forks. The record is then rolled onto the in-feed table, where the high-speed bar saw activates. When the log is finished, the block drops into the splitting trough. The log table moves it into the next cutting position while the splitting ram works simultaneously.

The attachment’s versatility is an added benefit. It can be attached to skid steers, tractors, and excavators. It is connected via a standard skid-steer mounting plate. According to A.J. Walsh, owner of Dominic’s Equipment Rental, he’s already seen customers drive up to six or eight hours to see the Halverson in action.

Another essential feature is that it is easy to operate. It has an automated feature that rolls logs into the in-feed trough and butt plate roller. A chainsaw then activates and cuts the wood up to 24 inches long. The Halverson HWP-120 firewood processor attachment is an efficient and economical way to process firewood. Unlike traditional processing methods, the Halverson HWP-120 is easy to operate and requires just one person.

Cord King CS20-40

The Cord King CS20-40 firewood processor for Bobcat is an easy-to-use, high-capacity attachment that can process large quantities of wood. It uses hydraulics to process logs up to 12 feet long and features a brutal carbide-tooth slasher saw. The extension requires sharpening after approximately 1,000 to 1,500 cords of wood.

The DYNA firewood processor has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and offers several upgrades. It also comes with a hydraulic deck lifter and automatic sawdust chute. This machine is capable of processing thousands of cords of firewood per year. The firewood processor attaches to a standard cord king skid steer tractor, making it easy to transport and store in the backyard.

The SSP-180 Pro firewood processor attachment is easy to use and can be attached to a skid steer or excavator. It has several features, including an automatic retractable saw that produces uniform-sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter. It also features an advanced hydraulic system with a directional control valve.

SSP-180 Pro

The SSP-180 Pro firewood processor attachment is an easy-to-use piece of equipment. Its eight push buttons are attached to the skid steer joysticks and make operating the extension very simple. Its hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter and auto retract on the saw allow for uniform firewood processing. It also processes logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

The SSP-180 Pro skid steer wood processor attachment is built to be durable and reliable. The auto-return feature returns the wedge to its original position when it is not used. It also has a hydraulic system that allows it to operate on uneven surfaces. The unit has an auto-retractable saw, working end, and cutting unit. This attachment is capable of processing logs up to 420mm in diameter.

The Complaint provides Classified with fair notice. It adequately states the direct infringement claim and names the SSP-180 parts that allegedly infringe on the patent. The Demand Letter also includes labeled images of the SSP-180 and its features. It meets the requirements of fair notice, and its allegations are plausible.

This firewood processor is highly productive. The SSP-180 Pro offers high output with reduced effort. It’s ideal for operators looking to move up from smaller firewood processors. Its high-speed cutting and hydraulic drive systems make it an excellent choice for small-diameter timber. It also features a 1-year warranty and a hydraulically adjustable four-way splitter.

The SSP-180 Pro firewood processor is lightweight and easy to transport. One or two people can operate it. It’s designed for commercial and residential use. It can be mounted on a skid steer or small excavators. It comes equipped with a conveying member that moves logs from the receiving end to the working end next to the cutting unit.

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