Fire Wood Processor – Marv Sawyer of Pine River Minnesota

What is Fire Wood Processor Pine River MN?

Fire Wood Processor Pine River MN is a full-service sawmill, log processing, and firewood manufacturing company located in Pine River, Minnesota. The company specializes in processing firewood and turning it into quality wood products. Fire Wood Processor Pine River MN takes great pride in their ability to provide quality products at an affordable price. They offer a wide variety of firewood products including blocks, logs, split logs, and sticks. Additionally, the company offers custom cutting and splitting services for customers who need specific firewood for their needs. Fire Wood Processor Pine River MN is committed to providing customers with high-quality firewood products at a fair price.

If you’re interested in purchasing a fire wood processor, you’ve come to the right place. Hahn Machinery was founded almost 38 years ago as a division of Ray Hahn Logging. The company’s founder, Glenn Halvorsen, was a heavy equipment mechanic who developed a prototype of a wood processor for his own use. He later brought the concept to the company for further development and design. After testing several prototypes, he eventually marketed the product.

Marv Sawyer

Marv Sawyer, fire wood processor in the small town of Pine River, Minnesota, has a business that has grown significantly since his TimberLine article was published in 2010. Marv has three locations where he produces firewood. His newest location in Rochester, Minnesota, has been in business for less than a year. As a new business, Marv has had to overcome several challenges to obtain raw materials.

Marv’s firewood is kiln dried. The process takes about 28 hours to complete depending on the species and the type of wood being processed. His firewood is certified in Minnesota, which allows him to ship it out of state. Marv sells about 60 percent of his firewood to homeowners, restaurants, campgrounds, and businesses.

Marv Dawson uses two Hahn firewood processor attachments. He also has a new attachment that allows him to buck large logs. Marv Dawson is a true believer in Hahn fire wood processor attachments. He has tried every other brand, but keeps the Hahn.

In addition to fire wood processing, Marv Sawyer also runs Sawyer Construction Services, Inc. in Elgin. The company also performs land clearing, excavating, and snow removal. The company also operates a wood yard.

Hahn Machinery

Hahn Machinery is the company behind the HFP160 fire wood processor. The company has sold over 50 of these machines, and they are continuing to ship more. They are currently in use in 15 states, five provinces in Canada, the Netherlands, and France. One machine costs ,500, and it comes with a hydraulically adjustable splitter head.

Marv contacted Hahn because he had visions of a machine similar to Glenn’s. He had a friend who introduced them and he decided to make the call. Glenn was much further along than Marv was, but the two men continued to communicate and discuss their plans. In the summer of 2008, Marv learned that Hahn Machinery was moving forward with Glenn’s concept machine.

Hahn Machinery is the company behind the HFP160 skid steer fire wood processor. This processor is capable of processing up to two cords of firewood per hour. It is also mobile, easy to store, and easy to attach and detach. It’s perfect for residential and light commercial applications.

Marv purchased a Hahn HFP160 with an eight-way wedge and originally had a Bobcat S300. The new machine offers twice the flow, and Marv can lower his engine RPMs while maintaining more flow than with a standard 300. Marv now operates his machine at half throttle, which he says produces up to 20% more wood. While the HFP160 wasn’t necessary for Marv, he likes the benefits.

Brute Force

Whether you need to cut wood for your own home or are looking for a high-production machine, the Brute Force fire wood processors can meet your needs. These high-quality machines have a wide variety of standard features and are built tough for the toughest jobs.

The HWP-140B wood processor is an excellent choice for a small wood business. It features an electric start engine and two-stage hydraulic pump for fast, even splitting of logs. It also comes with a rugged, compact design and can be transported easily. This machine is so easy to set up, you can even do it with an ATV! Josh Ross owns one and says it’s a great machine for a small wood business. This company has a great reputation for making durable and reliable machines.

Brute Force CS20-24 circle saw

The Brute Force CS20-24 circle saw is a high-production firewood processor. It features a 48-inch carbide circular saw with a replaceable tipped blade, a rigid frame, and a Kohler 74HP Tier 4 diesel engine. It includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

This powerful firewood processor is ideal for outdoor boilers that do not split wood. It’s built to last and will handle large piles of firewood. It also comes with a disc cleaner to remove sawdust and other materials, which makes for a cleaner product. It’s designed for firewood processing companies, landscapers, and backyard fires.

Hahn HFP160

The Hahn HFP160 fire wood processor was designed and manufactured by Hahn Machinery. It is manufactured by the company based in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Marv Sawyer helped develop the new firewood processor and field tested it. He has been in the forestry business for 24 years and has owned three different types of firewood processors. After field testing the Hahn HFP160, he says he’s found the firewood processor he’ll use for the rest of his life.

The Hahn HFP160 fire wood processor cuts logs up to 20 inches long and splits them into four, six, or eight pieces. The machine can be mounted on a skid steer loader or excavator. It was developed for two years and completed a 6-month field trial on a commercial woodlot. The machine costs ,500 for the complete package, including hydraulically adjustable splitter head.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is a high production firewood processor. It can be installed on a skid steer and can process up to two cords of firewood per hour. This machine weighs over 2,000 pounds and is suitable for commercial firewood operations. It is easily transportable and can easily be attached/disattached to a skid steer.

The Hahn HFP160 fire wood processor is built on a concrete slab. Marv operates one machine in the same location as his logs. He has 10-20 cords of firewood on hand. He buys his logs from a lumber mill. The machine picks up one log at a time and cuts it into eighteen-inch-diameter pieces. He then dumps the wood onto a 30-foot high conveyor.

Brute Force HWP-120

The Brute Force HWP-120 firewood processor is the perfect solution for those who want to split and process wood without using a sawmill. It’s designed to withstand high production and is durable enough to withstand outdoor use. It also comes with standard features such as manual saw head positioning.