Firewood Processor For Rent in Ohio

What is Wood Processor for Rent Ohio?

Wood processor for rent Ohio is a service that provides specialized equipment to cut, process and store harvested wood. This type of equipment can be rented on a short- or long-term basis and is typically used in forestry operations or for the production of lumber. Wood processors typically include saws, chippers, grinders and other tools to make the harvesting of wood easier, faster and more efficient. Rental services may also provide additional services such as delivery, set-up, and maintenance.

A firewood processor for rent is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to save time while splitting and cutting firewood. Many rental companies offer firewood processors year after year because of the growing popularity of wood heat. These machines are user friendly and easy to maintain. Many renters choose Brute Force machines, which are built heavy in the USA and are dependable. They also hold their resale value.

Rapido Loco Junior

If you’re looking for a wood processor for rent in Ohio, you may want to check out the Rapido Loco Junior from CRD Metalworks. This unit is designed to handle logs up to 20 feet in length and is powered by a 60-horsepower Deutz diesel engine. It also features a 42-inch Simonds slasher saw with replaceable carbide tips and a six-way splitting wedge. The Rapido Loco Junior also has a two-strand, 12-foot live deck and 24-foot conveyor for efficient processing.


The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor is one of the most popular models in the industry. It is easy to operate and provides high output. It comes in a variety of configuration and power plant options. This firewood processor can be transported easily and is easy to maintain.

It has a 34-hp CAT diesel engine, a 14-foot conveyor, and a 4 way splitter wedge. It is fully equipped and ready to generate revenue for you! DYNA has recently updated its firewood processors with the latest technology, including a new 4 way splitter wedge and a four-way splitter wedge.

CRD Metalworks

If you’re looking for a wood processor for rent in Ohio, CRD Metalworks has the right machine for the job. Their Rapido Loco 60 is ideal for processing logs up to 20 feet long, and is equipped with a Deutz 60-hp air-cooled diesel engine. Its Simonds slasher saw has replaceable carbide tips and a six-way splitting wedge. It also comes with a two-strand 12-foot live deck and a 24-foot conveyor.

Robbie McConnell, of Massachusetts, drove 800 miles one way to pick up a firewood processor for rent from CRD Metalworks. He was given instructions and ran a few firewood logs to get a feel for the machine before he took it home. He’s already planning on using the machine during the summer months.