Firewood Processor From Spartan Equipment

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What is a Wood Processor from Spartan Equipment Pro Series Price?

The wood processor from Spartan Equipment Pro Series price is a cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial wood processing needs. This machine can process wood into chips, sawdust, and other sizes and shapes quickly and efficiently. It is equipped with a powerful motor and cutting blades for fast operation. The machine is also designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for woodworking businesses. Additionally, the wood processor from Spartan Equipment Pro Series is available at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to save money on wood processing.

If you’re in the market for a firewood processor, spartan equipment offers several products. The Wolverine M is a portable, firewood processor that’s perfect for homeowners, farmers, and small wood businesses. It features a 10-HP engine and two-stage, 16-gallon per-minute hydraulic pump. It’s capable of splitting logs up to 24 inches long. The portable design makes it easy to transport, especially if you don’t have an ATV. The Wolverine M splits wood up to 24 inches long, and the unit is compatible with a personal chainsaw.

Wolverine M portable firewood processor

The Wolverine M portable firewood processor is perfect for the homeowner, farmer, or small wood business. It can be transported by ATV and features a 10 HP engine and two-stage 16-gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump. It splits logs up to 24″ in length and has an optional personal chainsaw for cutting larger logs.


The HWP-120 wood processor is a mid-sized firewood processor that comes with a number of standard features. For commercial use, it is a good choice because it has a heavy-duty design. Its large cutting capacity and manual saw head positioning make it ideal for processing large logs. The HWP-120 is an ideal choice for light commercial and residential applications.