Firewood Processor Rental in Kalkaska

Firewood processor rentals are a popular choice for many people who don’t have the funds to purchase one and want to try it out before investing. Most people rent for a weekend, which is typically enough time to cut and split the winter’s supply of firewood. DYNA leasing and Rent-to-Own options are also available for those who want a longer-term plan.

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Brute Force wood processors & log splitters

Firewood processors and log splitters from Brute Force are ideal for firewood businesses. These machines are heavy-duty and are built to withstand daily use in commercial firewood operations. The 30-30 Stumpbuster Splitter features a standard adjustable 4-way wedge and can be upgraded to an 8-way wedge for additional cutting power. Its large round-cutting capacity makes it ideal for big-round splitting.

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DYNA leasing

DYNA leasing provides firewood processor rentals throughout the country. Their firewood processors are industry-leading and feature advanced technologies. Renting a firewood processor is a cost-effective way to start processing your firewood supplies. The machines are easy to use and easy to transport.

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Rent-to-own options

Rent-to-own is an alternative to traditional homeownership, allowing you to build equity in a home without worrying about a down payment or a mortgage. Rent-to-own agreements consist of a standard lease with an option to buy later. It’s an attractive option for people who need help to afford to put down a significant amount of money when purchasing a home.

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Rent-to-own agreements have historically been aimed at those who can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage. These programs are not widely available in expensive urban real estate markets where jumbo loans are standard. But several rent-to-own options can help people qualify. Verbhouse, a San Francisco start-up, is one such company that makes it easy for those who can’t qualify for a standard mortgage to secure financing for a home.

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