Firewood Processor With Loading Rack For Mobile Skid Steer Loader

A firewood processor with a loading rack can be an excellent addition to a mobile skid steer loader. It has many advantages. For example, it can save you time and labor. It is also straightforward to operate. Eight push buttons attached to the skid steer joysticks allow you to control the firewood processor easily. It also has features such as an auto retract on the splitter and saw. And it produces uniform-sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

S2X 800

The Black Splitter S2X 800 mobile skid steer wood processing attachment is a hydraulic wood splitter that can be used with small excavators, mini excavators, backhoes, and more. The S2X 800 improves firewood processing operations for a variety of industries around the world. It allows operators to split large timber without leaving the cab of the skid steer.

The S2X 800’s automatic return feature makes log splitting more efficient. This feature allows the wedge to return to its starting position, saving the operator time to pick up the next record. This feature also improves productivity. The attachment requires a 2-way hydraulic mechanism to send it back to its base position, and a direction control valve helps the operator control the wedge’s movement.

The S2X 800 is an attachment for a Caterpillar 420F backhoe loader that can handle the processing of logs. Its pivoting action allows it to pivot around the pile of logs. This machine then downsizes and cleans the records before loading. By eliminating manual processes, this machine improves productivity and the quality of usable logs.

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You can use a cone-style mobile skid steer wood processor if you’re a small business or don’t need to split large logs. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for commercial firewood production. The cone-style machine can split logs of any size and has drill functionality. It can also break hard or dense wood and is easier to replace. It’s a bit more expensive than traditional models but can pay for itself quickly.

Hahn HFB240

The Hahn HFB240 mobile skid steer wood processor is a log bucking attachment that mounts on the front of the loader and uses hydraulics to split and buck logs. This tool is one of the first skid steer attachments for firewood processing. The first to market, the Hahn HFB240, was created by Marv Sawyer and Hahn Machinery. It has benefited firewood businesses in Minnesota, where there is a shortage of logs.

The Hahn HFB240 mobile skid-steer wood processor has a hydraulic ram and a bucking attachment that can process logs up to twelve feet long. It is designed for use on a skid steer loader, though some customers are making modifications to mount it on excavators.

Another advantage of the Hahn HFB240 mobile skid-steer wood processor is its reduced labor costs. Unlike a full-blown firewood processor, it requires just one operator and saves on the workforce. Traditional processors require two operators, one for processing wood and the other for loading the live deck.

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The Hahn HFB240 firewood processor is one of the most popular skid-steer wood processors on the market today. It can pick up a log from the ground, split it into lengths up to 20 inches, and place the pieces into bins, trucks, and a conveyor belt.

HakkiFeed 422

The HakkiFeed 422 mobile ski-steer wood processor features a hydraulic log rack that makes feeding logs easy. The log rack feed rollers rotate simultaneously with the firewood processor’s input conveyor. The HakkiFeed 422 is compatible with all Hakki Pilke, Raven, and Falcon models.

A hydraulic motor drives the extractor conveyor. This machine can also accept logs from the table or other log transfer conveyors. This machine can process up to 50 cm of records per load. Its capacity is sufficient for multiple firewood processors to work simultaneously.

The HakkiFeed 422 mobile ski-steer wood processor is perfect for small to midsize firewood operations. It features a three-second splitting cycle and convenient one-hand control. It also has an advanced cutting system. Moreover, this mobile ski-steer wood processor is compact, lightweight, and fuel-efficient.

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Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor

The Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor with loading rack for the mobile skid-steer wood processor is a heavy-duty log processing machine operated via a hydraulic motor. It is designed to process logs up to 80 cm in diameter. The device can be carried on a tractor and has a 40-gallon hydraulic oil tank.

This portable firewood processor combines Hakki’s innovation and experience to make it the perfect machine for professional users. It features a delay-free HakkiSplit(TM) splitting mechanism for uninterrupted material flow.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro offers unparalleled efficiency for firewood processing. With one joystick press, the HakkiCutTM cutting control automatically adjusts the speed of the saw bar to achieve optimal efficiency. The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro’s 10-ton splitting force makes it ideal for splitting the most challenging wood types.

LIL Beaver 13

The LIL Beaver 13 Firewood Processor is a commercial-grade machine that handles up to 13″ logs. It comes standard with a Subaru 14-horsepower engine, log lift, and shuttle table. It is also highly mobile, which makes it ideal for home users. It can process up to a full cord of wood per hour.

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Its hydraulic log clamp makes it easy to hold the log without jumping or bouncing. This feature allows the operator to perform a final trim cut on a record. It also has a user-friendly stabilizing leg system that allows the operator to adjust the leg length to suit the size of the log. It also has an integrated 10′ conveyor. The conveyor is adjustable via a mechanical crank and is easy to adjust.

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