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Cord King CS20-40

In the recent theft of two industrial-sized firewood processors, the thieves made off with a total value of nearly $200,000! These machines saw logs with spinning circular blades and split them into small pieces. The larger model can process up to 40-foot logs and cut nine cords of wood an hour.


DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is a unique log-splitting machine that offers reliable high-output performance and flexible configuration options. It is easy to transport and operate. The splitter box is an essential part of the machine. It can be used for both commercial and home use.

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A Japa wood processor is an excellent way to process firewood for cooking and heating your home. Its features include hydraulics, a log chute, and a powered infeed conveyor. It also has a log lift and sensors to measure output. It is also easy to use, with one-hand controls for cutting and splitting.

A Japa wood processor is made with high-quality parts and is safe to operate. It can handle logs up to 12″ in diameter and 19.7″ long. It also features a positive log stopper, which helps prevent the record from getting caught. Its hydraulic system is tied to safety guards and automatically shuts off if they are opened.

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The Halverson HWP-120 wood processor is a powerful, safe and productive piece of equipment. Made in Minnesota, it can be mounted on skid steers and process up to one and a half cords of wood per hour. The HWP-120 is ideal for light commercial and residential applications.

The Halverson HWP-120 is a patented design that is ready to use when you are. It has an adjustable hydraulic splitting wedge and can be stored inside when not in use. The HWP-120 is available in a fixed head or removable splitter version starting at $9995. The HWP140B, a commercial-grade machine that processes two cords per hour, is also available for sale. Both models are in stock and ready for production.

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The HWP-140B is a commercial-grade wood processor that can process two cords of wood per hour. The machine’s patented design makes storage easy when not in use. It is available in fixed-head and adjustable splitter models. The HWP-140B is marketed towards commercial users and is available for sale in stock.

The HWP-140B is made by Halverson Wood Products, a company in Minnesota, and is a powerful and productive wood processor. It can be mounted to skid steers, excavators, and more. Depending on the size of the wood, it can process 1-2 cords per hour.

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