Firewood Processors – Japa 365, SCP-D, Halverson HWP 140B, SCP-D

What is Kubota Wood Processor?

Kubota wood processor is a specialized machine used for cutting, splitting, and processing wood. It is a powerful and efficient tool for managing and processing large amounts of wood quickly. It features a variety of blades and attachments, allowing for a wide range of cutting and shaping applications. Kubota wood processors are durable and reliable, making them a great choice for those looking for a long-term solution to their wood processing needs.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365 is a powerful firewood processor with a range of features. It has a powered infeed conveyor and a 13.8-foot working width. It also comes with hydraulic valves and connections. It is capable of splitting and cutting logs of all sizes. It comes in both a road and a PTO model. The Japa 365 also features two separate pumps.

The Japa 365 Basic has the same cutting capacity as the Pro. Besides, it comes with an optional log lifter and feed roller. The latter has a hydraulic design to reduce the work load. The Basic is more affordable than the Pro version. However, it will require you to pay additional freight.

18 SCP-D

The Kubota 18 SCP-D wood processer is an ideal tool for any part-time or full-time wood-processing operation. Its 24 HP Kohler engine and custom built 4″ cylinder provide excellent performance and a fast cutting speed. The machine is equipped with a multi-wedge system for additional flexibility.

Halverson HWP 140B

The Halverson HWP 140B Wood Processor is a highly productive and efficient piece of equipment. It is a versatile machine that can be mounted to a skid steer or excavator. It has the ability to process a cord and a half of firewood an hour.