Firewood Wood Log Processor

The Japa 315+ firewood log processor is a highly rated machine for quality and efficiency. It uses high-quality European parts and is easy to operate with a single hand. The company continuously improves its design and features to keep it safe, reliable, and easy to use. The Pro models have many valuable features that make this machine even more useful.

Japa 315+

If you are looking for a firewood log processor that is both reliable and highly efficient, then the Japa 315+ is the one for you. It is a fully hydraulic machine with an infeed conveyor, log lift, and powered wood chute. There are several options to add on to make the Japa 315+ even more helpful to you. The basic version of the Japa 315+ is the most economical option, but if you want more features, you should upgrade to the Pro version.

A fully hydraulic firewood processor like the Japa 315+ is easy to use and highly efficient. The Japa 315+ is equipped with a powered infeed conveyor, wood chute, and an optional freight option. It is ideal for contract work, shared use, or part-time home users. The Japa 315+’s unique design enables you to process more logs in less time and with fewer cuts.

Another benefit of this machine is its automatic cutting and splitting. It has a patented CHOMPER system, allowing the device to split a log automatically. The self-contained processor uses a 10-horsepower engine with two stages and a hydraulic pump.

DYNA firewood log processors offer industry-leading performance and durability. With their two-year warranties, competitive pricing, and high-quality equipment, DYNA is one of the best choices for firewood processing. Several of their models are fully hydraulic and have many features to make the process more convenient. Moreover, they are easy to operate and are also available for rental, making them an excellent choice for various companies.

The Japa 315+ firewood wood log process is fully hydraulic and powered by a Honda engine. The company also offers an optional PTO drive version with 13 horsepower. This processor is also designed for one-person operation and has a production capacity of two to three cords per hour. It also has a heavy-duty 18-inch harvester bar, a hydraulic log clamp, and a 6-way bundling wedge.

Halverson HWP 120B

The Halverson HWP 120B firewood log processor is fully hydraulic and attached to a skid-steer. It picks up logs and rolls them onto an in-feed table. The high-speed bar saw activates once the record is secured. The split block then drops into a splitting trough, and the log table moves the log into the next cutting position simultaneously with the splitting ram. The HWP 120B firewood log processor has a cutting capacity of up to 16-inch diameter timber.

The HWP 120B firewood log processor by Halverson Wood Products is a powerful and highly productive piece of equipment. This unit is designed for light commercial and residential use and can process up to one-and-a-half cords per hour.

The Halverson HWP 120B firewood log processor is fully hydraulic and has an integrated conveyor for processing logs. It is also equipped with a cab with air conditioning and heat. A.J. has processed three cords in an hour with this machine. His average is 1.5 cords per hour. With a skid-steer attachment and a Halverson log lift, he can process logs up to 20 feet long. The processor also features a hydraulic saw and a hydraulic clamp.

A.J. Halverson has a YouTube channel dedicated to the product. It contains 55 videos ranging from less than one minute to twelve minutes. Most videos feature A.J. demonstrating how the Halverson firewood log processor works; some have nearly 20,000 views. In addition to helping the company’s customers, the YouTube channel has helped him market his firewood log processor to a larger audience. He says that most of his customers are residential, but some are contractors looking for additional revenue. Some customers are in New Jersey, New York, and Alaska.


The POSCH CS60 firewood log processor has all the features you’d expect from a commercial firewood processor. The powerful, fully hydraulic engine is paired with a powerful 82 GPM triple hydraulic pump for maximum performance and efficiency. This machine splits logs up to 18” in diameter and is equipped with a standard 2-stage splitter and hydraulic live deck. The device also features an integrated taillight and a round log trough.

Japa CS60

The Japa CS60 firewood wood log processing machine is fully hydraulic and has a turbo diesel engine. It can split up to 5 cords per hour and is designed for the commercial firewood producer. It includes a 2-stage splitter and 4-strand hydraulic live deck easily raised by hydraulic cylinders on the operator’s control panel.

The Japa CS60 firewood wood log processing machine is a high-quality piece of equipment built with high-quality European parts and designed to operate smoothly and safely. The ergonomic design is easy to use and allows the operator to control its functions with a single hand. Japa is constantly improving its procedures and ensuring that its products work efficiently and last a long time. Its Pro models include several extras that stand out from the competition.

The Japa CS60 firewood wood log processing machine is fully hydraulic and has a safety guard. Both the chainsaw and hydraulics automatically disengage when the safety guard is opened. It also has an electronic governor and fuel injection for maximum engine performance and uptime.

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