Firewood Wood Processor

The firewood wood processor you choose will depend on how much wood you process. Different markets require different levels of processing. For example, those who heat their homes with sizeable outside wood boilers would prefer to process large pieces of hardwood, while restaurants with wood-fired ovens would like to use smaller amounts of softwood. The size of the machine will also depend on the species of logs you plan to process.

Cord King CS20-40 is the most productive firewood wood processor.

The Cord King CS20-40 is one of the most productive firewood processors available. A diesel engine and a powerful carbide-tooth slasher saw can process four to ten cords of firewood an hour. The unit has an industry-leading saw-to-saw time of three seconds and a low cost of ownership. The Cord King CS20-40 is the perfect machine for home users or commercial producers who want to process a small amount of firewood.

The Cord King CS-Series firewood processors offer the highest production rate of any firewood processor on the market. These models have carbide tooth slashers and a 50 to 127-horsepower diesel engine. With this power and ease of use, the CS-Series models are among the most efficient firewood processors available on the market. They can process four to ten cords of firewood an hour and have an industry-leading cut-to-cut cycle time of three to five seconds.

A firewood processor allows you to process logs up to 12 feet long. Some models feature delimbing mechanisms to split logs into smaller pieces. Whether you plan on using the firewood for heating your home or selling it to customers, a firewood processor is a valuable investment.

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Another firewood processor is the Halverson firewood processor. It can be operated from the cab of a skid steer and has a hydraulic system. It is more flexible than the cone-style firewood processor and is available in three different configurations. One or two people can use it, and several businesses use it. The process begins with a log being rolled into an in-feed trough. Once there, the high-speed chainsaw activates and buckets the record, advancing it to the next cut.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365+ Basic firewood wood processing machine has several features that make it an excellent choice for processing firewood. It has a 13.8′ powered infeed conveyor, hydraulic connections, timber decks, and feeding rolls. It also comes in a road model, which can use a tractor PTO or 3-phase electric power. It also comes with multiple accessories and is easy to use with one hand.

Safety is a big priority with the Japa 365 firewood processors. Its hydraulics and chainsaw are automatically disabled when the safety guard is open. In addition, the log splitter will stop when the safety guard is removed. Its engine is a Honda iGX700 v-twin gas engine with electronic fuel injection and governor. Its construction and operation are durable and safe, and its design constantly evolves.

The Japa 365+ Basic firewood processor is inexpensive with many great features. It is an excellent option for smaller farms and businesses. However, you can upgrade to the Japa 365+ Pro if you need more parts. The Pro version has hydraulics, a log lifter, and a feed roller.

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SSM 250 EZ Compact

The Blockbuster SSM 250 EZ Compact firewood processor is the perfect tool for home or farm users looking to increase their firewood production. The compact design allows for single-operator operation and includes a cutting, splitting, and loading machine. It also meets safety requirements.

This firewood processor has been designed for homeowners, farmers, and small-scale wood businesses. It is powerful and can process up to a cord of wood in an hour. Its ten-horsepower engine and the two-stage hydraulic pump will split logs up to 12 feet long.

The Multitek 1620 SS Firewood Processor features a patented guillotine-cutting system for faster, safer, and more productive processing. It also features a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw. It has a high-speed motor that offers 30 percent more productivity than bar and chain models. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is a versatile machine that is easy to transport and can accommodate large trees.

The SSM 250 EZ Compact firewood processor is one of the most potent firewood processors on the market. Its hydraulic system runs independently from the machine and uses a 13-horsepower Honda engine to power the unit. Its heavy-duty live deck with log stops is designed to quickly process large volumes of wood.

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Timberwolf Alpha 6

The Timberwolf Alpha 6 firewood wood processor has a high capacity and is suitable for processing ample firewood. The machine can process up to seven hundred cords of firewood a year. It is easy to operate and has a powerful suction system. It is designed for use with firewood that is up to 10500 pounds in weight.

This machine is powered by a 12 or 20-horsepower Honda gasoline engine. The device has an auto-retracting box wedge for a more consistent cut. It produces between one and two cords of firewood per hour. The company also plans to expand its range of machines by introducing Heavy Duty models.

Timberwolf has a range of log splitters, including the TW-1 and TW-2. These firewood processors can split logs up to 32 feet in length and twenty-four inches in diameter. They come with a heavy-duty frame, a top roll clamping system, and a 4-inch cylinder. The company also makes two models specifically for commercial use.

Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood wood processing machine is one of the industry’s most efficient mid-size wood processors. It features a 44-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and a patented guillotine-cutting system. This unit can process three to five cords of firewood per hour, depending on the type of wood. It also features low-maintenance carbide insert saw teeth for maximum cutting efficiency. The machine’s operator-friendly design and 4-second cycle time make it an outstanding mid-size wood processor.

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This machine is an excellent choice for home users and small businesses. Its seven-and-a-half-foot live deck and 37 HP Briggs-and-Stratton engine make it a perfect option for processing up to one cord per hour. It also has a Multi-Wedge System that allows producers to choose from four-way wedges.

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood wood processing machine is manufactured by Multitek North America, LLC, based in Prentice, Wisconsin. The company has grown to become an international leader in the manufacture of industrial equipment. Founded by a Finnish forester, the company now sells its products throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The companies 1620 was launched on June 15, 2010. The company’s first multitask 1620 SS was purchased by Scott Heikkinen, who has since sold over 150 units to other businesses.

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor has an intelligent system that can monitor and adjust its functions in real-time. The patented Perfect SplitTM cutting system enables the machine to change its operations according to the type of wood and other factors. It also has a touch screen to display performance data and analytics.

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