Fuel Wood Systems 16pt Firewood Processor

If you are a home owner looking to cut down on wood costs, you may be interested in purchasing a fuel wood systems 16pt firewood processor. There are many options available. These include the Multitek 3040XP2, Cord King CS60, Alpha 6, and Multitek 16-24. These are all great options for processing logs of all sizes.

Multitek 3040XP2

The Multitek 3040XP2 is the supersized version of the company’s flagship 2040XP2, and it’s designed to process the largest logs possible. This machine can handle logs up to 32 inches in diameter and processes seven cords per hour. It comes with an operator’s cab and electric joystick controls.

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Cord King CS60

The Cord King CS60 16pt fire wood processor is one of the most efficient firewood processors on the market. It features a powerful engine and a carbide slasher saw that produces firewood in the fastest possible time. The manufacturer says that the machine’s chopping and splitting cycle time is less than 2.5 seconds, which is faster than most other processors on the market.

Multitek 16-24

The Multitek 16-24pt firewood processor is a powerful tool for preparing firewood. It is built with exceptional performance and serviceability. It can process up to seven cords of wood an hour. In addition to its performance, the Multitek firewood processor also provides great service and support.

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It features a hydraulic bump stop, which enables accurate measurement of firewood length. The bump stop provides positive stoppage and less feathering than a spring rod. The 1610EZ is designed for rental and highly mobile firewood producers. It comes equipped with a 20″ bar saw, which is hydraulically powered and has a joystick for precise cuts. This firewood processor also features a trim cut ejector, which helps users get rid of unwanted pieces while reducing post-processing time.

Alpha 6

The Alpha 6 firewood processor from fuel wood systems is a high capacity, easy to use firewood processor that can process up to 700 cords of firewood annually. This model is equipped with a powerful suction system and is designed to handle logs weighing up to 10500 pounds. The Alpha 6 is powered by either a 12 or 20 HP Honda gasoline engine and features an auto-retracting box wedge. It is able to process approximately one to two cords per hour. The company plans to introduce heavier-duty versions in the future.

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The company started manufacturing firewood processors in 2013 and has since added certified dealers in the Southeast. They now represent the Alpha 6 in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas. They are also represented by Chipper LLC in Georgia. They have been in business for over two years and have increased their sales by more than two-fold in that time.

The Alpha 6 firewood processor by fuel wood systems is designed for home or farm use. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and can accommodate large trees. Its hydraulic system runs independently and is equipped with a two-stage hydraulic pump. It is an excellent choice for home users, small wood businesses, and small businesses.

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The CS60 firewood processor is capable of loading firewood into truck or trailer boxes. Its joystick controls allow the operator to adjust the wedge position. It also includes a 4-way hydraulically adjustable wedge, a last log support, and an integrated taillight. All the processors have a conveyor to move logs to and from the machine.

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