Hahn, Range-Road, and Twister Wood Processors

What is Snow Red Wood Processor?

Snow Red Wood Processor is a type of automated sawmill designed to cut logs into lumber with high precision and accuracy. It is equipped with a conveyor system that feeds logs into the sawmill to be cut into boards, beams, and other types of lumber. The processor is capable of cutting wood into a variety of shapes and sizes, and the finished product is ready for use in construction and carpentry projects. Snow Red Wood Processor is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for woodworking projects.

Hahn attachments

The Hahn HFB240 bucking attachment was designed to buck logs up to 12 feet long. The attachment is mounted on the front of the skidsteer and uses hydraulics to buck and split the wood. This is a first-to-market skidsteer attachment for the firewood industry, developed by Marv Sawyer. The dwindling supply of logs has made the firewood business tough in Minnesota.

This Hahn attachment eliminates the need to hire a full-blown firewood processor. It also makes better use of labor. Instead of a single man running a traditional processor, a Hahn worker can focus on processing logs instead of loading and unloading the machine.

Range-Road RR270PTO wood processor

The Range-Road RR270 PTO is a tractor-mounted wood processor with external hydraulic ports. It’s compatible with optional features such as a powered log table and a PackFix log wrapping machine. This versatile machine can handle a wide range of wood processing needs.

Hahn attachments for bucking big logs

The Hahn HFP160 firewood processor, a high-production machine, can be mounted to a trailer or suitable carrier for processing large logs. It can cut and split logs up to 20 inches in length. The machine can also deposit the processed wood on a conveyor or the ground.

Marv’s firewood business has more than doubled since his TimberLine article in 2010. The company now has three locations for firewood production. One, located in Rochester, is a new operation, and Marv says the startup has been challenging to get raw material.

Twister Industries

Twister Industries specializes in the sale of firewood. Its packaged firewood is delivered by semi-truck. A truck can deliver up to 20 pallets of bundled firewood at a time. Each bundle is shrink-wrapped and placed into racks at businesses and homes. The company processes all of its own firewood, and sells packaged firewood to retailers, homeowners, and restaurants. Twister Industries’ marketing is largely based on word of mouth.