Hakki Pilke and Halverson Wood Processor Australia

Hakki Pilke

With a long history of innovation and excellence, Hakki Pilke is the world’s leading firewood processor. The company has revolutionized the industry for over thirty years. Today’s Hakki Pilke firewood processors are packed with industry-leading features and innovations. They are compact and lightweight, and feature hydraulic log clamps and measuring devices to ensure that all material is processed without any clogging. Other features include an enlarged hydraulic oil tank that lowers the operating temperature and increases the equipment’s life.

Hakki Pilke firewood processors are compact powerhouses with advanced hydraulic design that ensures long life components and fuel efficiency. In addition, the machine’s hydraulics are efficient, enabling it to operate with a smaller fuse than a PTO powered machine. For example, a Falcon 35 firewood processor with eight tons of splitting force requires only 7.5kW of 400V, 50Hz electric power. Additionally, the electric power system does not require v-belts, making it quieter than PTO-powered machines. Cleaner air is also a major factor, which contributes to employees’ motivation.

Hakki Pilke, Halverson, and Multitek are the major players in the firewood processor industry. These companies have been in business for over 40 years and export their firewood processing machinery to more than 35 countries. The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro and Multitek 2025XP are examples of top firewood processors. The Multitek 2025XP splits logs in two, four, or six ways, and features a 27-ton hydraulic ram and 83Lpm hydraulic pump.

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Rex 900

The Halverson Rex 900 is an innovative wood processor that has changed the firewood industry. This Australian designed and built machine guarantees high output with low overheads. It uses a fuel efficient 50 hp Deutz engine to split the toughest Australian hardwood in a single hour.

Its longer grab arm and more force are ideal for processing logs that are 20 to 22 inches in diameter. This machine is perfect for residential and light commercial use. It processes 1 to two cords of wood per hour. It also features an easy to store quick-attach/detach system.

Halverson wood processors

Halverson wood processors are designed for light commercial or residential use. These machines are designed to handle up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. They are manufactured in Minnesota. For more information, contact the nearest dealer in your area. All prices are listed in US dollars. For pricing in other currencies, contact the dealer nearest to you.

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The SSP-180 excavator-mounted wood processor is an easy-to-operate machine with a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter. It can process logs up to 18 inches in diameter. Its intuitive controls make it easy to operate. It is also known for its low overheads.

Log splitter attachments

The FS350SS wood processor is an economical and durable log splitter. Its powerful bi-directional push block and 29 tons of splitting force allow it to process two cords per hour. Its ergonomic deck level provides a comfortable working height. It also features an intuitive left/right splitter control system and an optional log lift.

This log splitter attaches to skid steers, excavators, and compact track loaders. Its eight push buttons operate the splitters and allow the operator to split logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also features adjustable splitters that produce consistent sized firewood.

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The HWP150 firewood processor is manufactured by Halverson Wood Products. Its 22″ diameter wood splitter is capable of splitting firewood. It can be mounted on a skid loader or skid steer, and is also available in a smaller version for use in small areas. Qingdao Boruite Machinery introduced the BRT-30TSS-C skid steer log splitter, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best sellers. This log splitter is also available on a tractor. The Rima RSW400 can split up to 14 tons of wood, and its STIHL chainsaw can be used to power the log splitter.

The SSP-180 Pro wood processor has an impressive list of features. The chain, for example, is eight inches long and accommodates logs up to eight inches in diameter. It also has a 400-wide band feeder, which produces uniform firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter. Another benefit of this machine is its easy-to-use controls. It advertises itself as an efficient log splitter and a great addition to an excavator.

The F137-STS Commercial Firewood Log Splitter debuted in September of 2013. It is the company’s most innovative and productive log splitter. It includes STS technology, which encourages the operator to remove both their hands from the wood during splitting. This system eliminates the need for a separate operator to operate the splitter, making it safer for everyone.

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