Hakki Pilke Eagle For Sale UK

If you are in the market for a new log splitter or wood processor, you may be interested in the Hakki Pilke Eagle. It is a compact machine with a log cutter and splitter with a blade. The unit also has a PTO extension and is portable as it weighs only 150kg.

2006 hakki pilke eagle wood processor

The Hakki Pilke Eagle wood processor is a cutting machine that combines a cone splitter and a circular saw. It is designed to process firewood made of delimbed trees and other processed wood. It is not suitable for use with construction waste. Among its features, it has an easy-to-use manual log infeed, and a circular saw for crosscutting.

Hakki Pilke Eagle circular saw

The Hakki Pilke Eagle circular saw is a powerful tool that makes cutting logs a simple task. This saw is fitted with a hard-tipped cutting blade in electric and tractor-driven versions for cutting even the dirtiest wood. This model also comes with wheels for easy transport.

Its large size makes it ideal for processing large timber. The saw features a 60-inch Simonds circular blade and a 7-inch 56-ton splitter cylinder. The chainsaw bar is also hydraulically controlled. The unit has many features, and users can choose based on their needs.

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