Hakki Pilke Raven 33 Wood Processor

The Hakki Pilke Raven 33 is a wood processor with direct drive hydraulics that is designed in Finland. The machine can perform multiple functions simultaneously, and requires minimal maintenance. It is also capable of splitting even the largest logs. This processor is available in two different sizes and is the perfect choice for small-scale firewood processing.

Hakki Pilke Raven 33 wood processor

The Hakki Pilke Raven 33 wood processor is a great machine for preparing firewood for cooking and heating. It features direct drive hydraulics, simultaneous functions, and minimal maintenance. The unit is also easy to operate and provides adequate splitting power. It is ideal for households and businesses alike.

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Hakki Pilke has several different models of firewood processors. You can browse through their inventory by searching by model number, price, or year of production. Once you find the model that meets your needs, click on the ad to learn more. This site also lets you search for used equipment.

The Raven 33 wood processor is designed for splitting big boomstammen and is made in Finland. The machine has a hydraulic drive and movable bediening. This means that you can easily split big boomstammen with this machine. Its minimal onderhoudsvereisten ensure cost efficiency.

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This model also has hydraulic height-adjustable blades to ensure that the logs are split evenly. This machine can cut large logs up to 80 cm in diameter, and it has a 40-gallon hydraulic oil tank. It is easy to use and can be transported using a tractor.

Pilkemaster EVO30 wood processor

The Pilkemaster EVO30 wood processor is a powerful tool that combines advanced features and ease of use. Its patented V-shaped infeed table feeds the log into the machine and powers the splitting piston. This is controlled by a single command handle located on the user side.

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It comes equipped with a log-lifter to make working with a log easier. To use the log-lifter, simply place the log between two bars. Then, lock the log into the infeed table using the log-lifter hook. After locking the log into place, pull up on the control handle to move the table forward. The log-lifter will then automatically lift the log to the machine’s working height.

The Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor offers fast, safe splitting of firewood. It can process logs up to 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter and runs on a gasoline engine or tractor PTO. This makes it a versatile machine that can be used on different sites.

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Pilkemaster EVO30 infeed table

The Pilkemaster EVO30 wood processor offers a number of unique features. First of all, it features the patented Pilkemaster V-shaped infeed table. The table has a stationary part that feeds the log into the machine and a moving part that acts as the splitting piston. Both parts are powered by the machine’s main hydraulic cylinder.

The EVO30 is available with an electric or gasoline engine for added versatility. It can also be converted into a trailer, if necessary. A hydraulic log-deck is also available. It places the wood at the right height for the Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor.

The Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor is a powerful machine that produces high-quality firewood quickly and safely. Its 5.6-ton hydraulic cylinder is a key feature and reduces the need for excessive force when splitting logs. Besides, this model’s unique saw and splitting mechanism means that it is extremely safe to use and can split multiple small trees at once. This processor is also quiet, and its optional log-deck allows you to split logs at different locations.

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