Hakki Pilke Wood Processor

Hakki Pilke 1×42 Greenspeed firewood processor

If you’re in the market for a firewood processor, the Hakki Pilke 1X42 Greenspeed is a superb choice. Its patented two-cylinder design allows it to cut wood as large as 42cm in diameter. It also features four or eight cutting stages, making it an ideal choice for professional users.

The Hakki Pilke 1×42 Green Speed firewood processor is an efficient and fast machine for processing firewood. With a 20-hour working time, it has a PTO drive and a hydraulic split control system. It also has an integrated debris separator in the output conveyor, resulting in a cleaner end product. It also features a hydraulic log clamp, landing plates, and ergonomic joystick control.

It weighs more than a thousand pounds and is extremely easy to move, even on a small farm. It can be easily transported using a medium-sized tractor’s three-point lift. Its output conveyor and log deck make it ideal for professional use.

Hakki Pilke 38 Pro firewood processor

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro is a commercial-grade firewood processor popular with top producers. It offers excellent productivity at a low price and is equipped with many features that make it a top choice for professional users. Its delay-free and half-stroke splitting mechanisms allow it to process logs efficiently. Another feature is HakkiCut(TM) cutting control, which adds optimal cutting force and lets you control the process with a single joystick button. Lastly, the hydraulic log clamp ensures uninterrupted material flow.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro firewood processing machine features an AC10 automatic chain tensioner, which keeps the chain at optimum tension throughout the cutting process, extending the saw chain and bar life. It also has a joystick that allows you to control the height of the splitting wedge and the infeed conveyor. It also has an automatic cleaning outfeed conveyor, which separates most of the debris from the firewood before it goes through the splitting stage.

Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor

Hakki Pilke firewood processors are renowned for their reliability and usability. They are made with Finnish engineering and industrial design in mind. The company’s design process prioritizes user needs, high productivity, and low operating costs. Their products have been certified to meet the quality standards of ISO 9001.

Hakki Pilke’s mobile ski-steer wood processor is an excellent fit for smaller or mid-sized firewood operations. It features a three-second splitting cycle, an ergonomic one-hand control, and an advanced cutting system. The machine is compact, portable, and has low fuel consumption.

Hakki Pilke is an industry leader in the production of firewood processors. Their Pro series combines innovative design with exceptional performance. With their new 55 Pro model, the company has created a machine perfect for commercial use. Designed for high productivity, it guarantees uninterrupted material flow and a high-quality end product.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro wood processor is perfect for firewood processing. It features a delay-free cutting mechanism that makes sawing easier. The saw bar lowers automatically in response to the amount of resistance. The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro’s 10-ton splitting force means you can process even the most challenging wood in just 3 seconds.

The AC10 automatic chain tensioner ensures the chain’s tension, which enhances the sawing process. It also prolongs the life of the chain. Another mechanical system, the AC10 joystick, controls the infeed conveyor and adjusts the splitting blade. The 38 Pro wood processor also features Hakki Pilke’s cleaning outfeed conveyor, which separates firewood and debris. Another essential feature of this processor is a control valve.

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