Halverson Black Creek Wood Processor

Halverson Wood Products manufactures the Black Creek wood processor, which is mounted to a skid steer and powered by hydraulics. It is designed for small businesses to process firewood efficiently and economically. Its manual wrapping feature is an extra bonus for a firewood business. The Halverson Black Creek wood processor also makes processing firewood accessible for homeowners and contractors.


A.J. Halverson is a wood processor at Black Creek, West Virginia, and has a YouTube channel that he has used to market his product. He has published 55 videos that range in length from under a minute to nearly twelve minutes. Many of the videos are self-produced using an iPhone or GoPro camera to demonstrate how to perform basic maintenance tasks. Some videos are even used on his website.

The skid-steer and the Halverson machine are transported on the same trailer, which eliminates the need for a separate piece of equipment. The skid-steer attachment enables the operator to load logs directly into the machine. The skid-steer then cuts the logs into smaller pieces and rolls them onto the in-feed table. The high-speed bar saw activates once the log is secured. The log table then moves the log to the next cutting position, and the ram splits it at the same time. The Halverson machine can handle logs up to sixteen inches in diameter.

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A.J.’s Firewood Business sells firewood in pallets and bundles. He also processes logs on-site for his customers. He also supplies bundles of firewood to the state park. His firewood wrapper machine works with a manual wrapping machine, but he also has a Bobcat that he uses to transport logs.


A.J. Halverson, the son of Black Creek Range-Road wood processor owner Mark Halverson, is using YouTube videos to promote his company. One video, which features the company’s equipment, has over 20,000 views. The videos have helped the company gain exposure and sell the firewood processor. It has customers in West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Alaska.

Cord King

Cord King is the industry-leading firewood processor. Its CS Series models are built with a carbide tooth slasher saw and are capable of cutting between four and ten cords of firewood per hour. The Cord King CS Series requires sharpening only every 1,000 to 1,500 cords of wood.

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Cord King firewood processors come with several power plants, including a John Deere diesel engine. You can customize your processor to fit your needs. They come with a two-year warranty. For larger quantities, you can also choose a custom-built Cord King firewood processor.


DYNA firewood processors feature rugged construction, industry-leading performance, and easy portability. They offer competitive pricing and strong warranties. DYNA offers a variety of models, including the SC-14 and SC-23, which are both available in a standard or commercial configuration. These models include a 14-foot conveyor belt, hydraulic joystick controls, and an adjustable height belt conveyor.

DYNA firewood processors feature state-of-the-art technology and can split 22-foot logs in one pass. Their specialized machines can process up to four cords of firewood per hour. They also offer repair services and a two-year warranty. These firewood processors are also available for rent.

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The DYNA SC-15 firewood processor is a versatile machine with upgraded safety features. It comes equipped with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. It also features an adjustable height 16-foot belt conveyor and a hydraulic deck lifter. This model is available in both right and left-handed models. Its ergonomic joystick controls make it easy to use and features a color LCD control panel for easy viewing.

DYNA firewood processors are a good choice for home and business use. Depending on the size and number of logs you process on a daily basis, you can find the right machine to meet your needs. DYNA firewood processors are durable and offer exceptional performance. Many of their models are backed by solid warranties and two-year repair services. Additionally, DYNA also offers resale discounts for used machines.

The DYNA SC-16 firewood processor is equipped with a four-cat diesel engine. This processor is capable of sawing four 16-foot logs per hour. It has a four-second split time and can split two to eight-way logs. It is highly portable and offers reliable splitting.

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