Halverson HWP140 HD Wood Processor

What is Halverson HWP140 HD Wood Processor?

Halverson HWP140 HD Wood Processor is a professional grade wood processor that is designed for heavy-duty work. It is powered by a high-power Honda engine and features a wide range of features, including an adjustable depth control, a reversible blade, and an adjustable feed rate. The machine is capable of handling a wide variety of wood types and can be used for a variety of applications, from pallet manufacturing to furniture making. It is designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and durability, making it an ideal choice for any serious woodworker.

Aaron lives with his girlfriend and blended family in Wyoming, Penn. They own two dogs, one of which he’s training for urban search and rescue operations. He also enjoys hiking and working on his house. He recently purchased a Halverson firewood processor from A.J. Shaver, who operates Shaver Specialty Services & Sales Inc. in Wyoming. Aaron decided to drive to his dealership to see how the firewood processor worked, so he was able to see it in action.


The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor from Dyna Products is a powerful and efficient wood processor that comes with several useful features. The machine is easy to operate, and features three ergonomic joystick controls for the live deck, in-feed trough, sawdust chute, and harvester saw. This processor is compact and easily transported between work sites and wood yards, and is also available for rental.

The DYNA SC-15 wood processor comes with a 14-foot conveyor, a four-way wedge, and an enclosed cab. It also has a 38-hp Kohler gas engine, three deck arms, and a 1 year warranty. In addition to its power, this wood processor can also be used to split firewood.

A DYNA SC-15 firewood processor has a capacity of 16-inch diameter logs and a maximum diameter of 22 inches. It costs approximately $58,000 and can split up to 4 cords of firewood per hour. For this price, it is a very affordable alternative to a large firewood processor. In addition to firewood processors, DYNA also sells a variety of small logging equipment that can help homeowners with their small-scale logging needs.

Brute Force CS20-24 circle saw

The Brute Force CS20-24 circle saw is a perfect addition to the Halverson HWP140 HD wood processor. This machine features an upgraded hydraulic splitting wedge that offers greater splitting force than its predecessor. It processes up to 2 cords per hour and is easy to store. It’s an excellent choice for firewood processing or land clearing jobs.

The CS60 machine features a powerful turbo diesel engine and an 82 GPM triple hydraulic pump. This machine is a great choice for commercial firewood production and comes with a 2-stage splitter and a 4-strand hydraulic live deck that raises and lowers hydraulically from the operator control panel.

DYNA SC-15 firewood processor

The HWP140B skid steer firewood processor by Halverson is an easy-to-use machine that performs wood cutting and splitting tasks. The machine has three ergonomic joystick controls for the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, and harvester saw. The HWP140B can process up to 2 cords per hour and is easy to store.