Halverson Wood Processor Reviews

If you are looking for a high-quality wood processor, you should consider the Halverson wood processor. It is capable of processing logs up to 10 feet long. Its user-friendly controls and durable design make it easy to maintain. It is also portable and easy to move. There are many benefits of this processor, and you may find that it is a great option for your woodworking needs.

Logs up to 10 ft. long

In the spring of 2015, A.J. Shaver decided to invest in a Halverson firewood processor. He later formed Shaver Specialty Services & Sales Inc. and became a dealer for the company. He set a goal of selling one Halverson firewood processor a year. However, in less than two years, he sold 36 units. This success landed him the title of top performing Halverson dealer in 2016.

Aaron started with a small firewood business in Rochester, New York. After investing in a few pieces of equipment, his business quickly grew and he needed to ramp up production. He tapped a local wood processor company to help him meet the demand. Halverson’s Timberwolf TW-5 log processor is a great solution for processing large logs.

While the Halverson processor can process logs up to 10 feet long, it requires a constant supply of oil. It also features an automatic oiler to help ensure the machine is always running smoothly. Another feature is that it can move the log to a better location for bucking. This prevents knots and crooks from hindering the process. The processor also allows the operator to cut in a good portion of the log.

The Halverson firewood processor is a rugged piece of equipment with a user-friendly control panel in the cab. The machine processes between one and two cords of wood per hour and is easy to store. The unit can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter and has a cutting capacity of six cubic meters per hour. There are two models, one for heavy duty and one for medium duty use.

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The Halverson wood processor is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, allowing contractors to process logs at the site of the job instead of taking them home. The unit can be attached to a skid steer loader for easy transportation and provides power and hydraulics. Shaver purchased his first Halverson wood processor in spring of 2015. He sold 36 units over a two-year period, which earned him the title of top-performing dealer for Halverson Wood Products.

Easy to maintain

A Halverson wood processor is an ideal piece of equipment for homeowners. The HWP-150 wood processor is designed with a hydraulic splitting wedge. This unit can process wood up to 22 inches in diameter. It comes standard with a four-way splitting wedge, but you can purchase an optional six-way splitting wedge to increase its splitting force.

The Halverson wood processor is easy to maintain. The manufacturer provides parts and accessories to help you maintain it. The machine can be used as a standalone unit or attached to a skid-steer. The skid-steer can supply power and hydraulics for the machine.

The Halverson processor is easily mounted to a skid steer. Operators can control the machine using a joystick or button control system. The machine can be configured to process up to six cubic metres per hour. It is available in two models: the heavy-duty 140B and the medium-duty model 120. The 140B is designed to process up to 6 cubic metres per hour, while the model 120 is lighter and more affordable. Both models feature a low-maintenance design and low power consumption. It can handle timber up to 16 inches in diameter.

The Halverson processor is easy to use and maintain, and it’s also affordable. Many contractors and homeowners who use firewood are finding it a convenient and efficient way to split and cut logs. With just a few hours of labor, A.J. can produce all his firewood needs in six hours.

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The HWP-150 is a skid steer firewood processor. It uses a four-pin connector and has the capability to split nearly any wood type. The Halverson wood processor is easy to operate from inside the cab. Used Halverson wood processors are available for sale.


The Halverson wood processor is a unique piece of equipment that attaches to a skid steer tractor. The machine is easy to use and can process up to two cords of timber per hour. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter, and is easy to store.

The Halverson processor is easy to use, with controls located right in the cab of the machine. With a five-way movement, it can process up to 16-inch-diameter round or diamond wood at rates comparable to those of an industrial firewood processor. It is also easy to maintain, thanks to its heavy-duty design and simple, logical controls. It offers low power consumption and running costs.

Another great feature of the Halverson wood processor is its ability to work on a skid-steer, which is an ideal machine for small properties. This allows it to process logs on site and haul the finished product to a location of your choice. It also reduces the need for handling, trucking, and dragging logs.

The Halverson wood processor can be mounted on skid-steers, excavators, front-end loaders, and wheel loaders. It has been manufactured in the USA for several years and is highly recommended by major firewood producers in the country. A.J. Shaver is one of the leading dealers in the industry. The company offers a variety of models of Halverson wood processors.

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The Halverson HWP-120 skid steer firewood processor, HWP-140B skid steer log splitter, and HWP-150 skid steer log splitter. All three models use a straight four-pin connector and can split virtually any type of wood. The HWP-120 is the best model for light commercial use and residential use. The HWP-140B is also a great choice for light commercial use. One thing to note is that this model requires an additional harness.

The Durable Halverson wood processor can handle up to 3,000 cords per year. This makes it an excellent choice for any firewood processing business. Many of them use firewood for heating. Others are contractors who need a more efficient method for splitting and cutting firewood. All of these customers are located in Pennsylvania and can produce their needs in as little as six hours.

Easy to transport

In the spring of 2015, A.J. Shaver bought a firewood processor made by Halverson Wood Products, based in Minnesota. The processor attaches to a skid steer that provides the hydraulics and power to process firewood. After buying the processor, Shaver decided to get into the firewood business and began selling it. In less than two years, he sold 36 units. This achievement made him one of the company’s top-performing dealers.

The Halverson wood processor is easily transportable and features a rugged, heavy-duty construction. Its features make it easy to operate and maintain. It also comes with a case drain and has a maximum flow rate of 19 GPM. Other benefits include a high-powered hydraulic motor and simple, logical controls.

The 1610EZ firewood processor is easy to transport and fits in the back of a pick-up truck. Its standard features allow for rapid deployment, making it ideal for a growing firewood business or rental needs. The machine has a hydraulically powered 20-inch bar saw that cuts logs with ease with the use of a joystick. It also has a standard 3/8-inch pitch chain that keeps chain costs low and reused.

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A.J. uses the Halverson wood processor in his firewood business. He uses the machine to process logs for his customers. He processes the firewood in his firewood processor’s cab, where he can have air conditioning and heat. He also supplies firewood bundles to the state park in his area. The Halverson firewood processor also comes with a skid-steer attachment and can pick up logs that are over 20 feet long.

The Halverson firewood processor can be mounted on a skid steer, wheel loader, or excavator. It is easy to transport and requires no additional equipment. It can be operated from inside the cab, which makes it ideal for residential or light commercial firewood production.

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