Hinge to Attach Chainsaw to Wood Processor

Using a hinge to attach chainsaw to wood processor is a convenient and safe way to cut wood. Hinges are used to support the chainsaw as it moves through the wood. Other features of the hinged attachment are adjustable table, safety, and removable horizontal cut thickness gauge. Here are some examples.


Hinges to attach chainsaw to wood processor are an essential part of your chainsaw. They allow you to make undercut cuts and control the direction of the tree as it falls. The width of the hinge will determine the angle of the cut and the direction of the falling tree. Make sure that the back cut is at least one to two inches above the undercut hinge point.

The hinge plate assembly features an adjustable hinge plate that allows you to fine tune the horizontal and vertical alignment of the saw blade. This feature will allow you to create the maximum number of dimensional lumber from a parent log. When you’re finished, simply tighten the swivel lock bolt into one of the two slots in the hinge plate assembly.

When using a chainsaw, safety is your number one priority. Always wear protective gear and inspect the trees carefully before cutting. In addition, if you’re new to chainsaw safety, it’s a good idea to hire a mentor who has experience with chainsaws. A mentor will help you learn the ropes and demonstrate the proper technique.

Adjustable table

A wood processor is a machine that allows you to cut logs safely. You can attach a chainsaw to the wood processor and make the process easy. Unlike a traditional chainsaw, you can easily change the cutting width, cutting length, and more. An adjustable table allows you to adjust the cutting width as needed.

The Wallenstein WP875 Wood Processor is equipped with a chainsaw holder and an adjustable 4-way wedge. It has many safety features including a safety cage around the action areas and an automatic log hold down lever. The log automatically drops into the splitter when the bar reaches a lower position. The machine also has a height adjustable two-leg front support that helps you maintain your balance when operating.

The WP Wood Processor is designed for high productivity and ease of use. Its adjustable table makes cutting logs easier without straining your back or bending. This machine also has a split opening of 36 inches, allowing you to process up to 1.5 cords per hour. Spliting logs up to three feet long is no problem with this powerful machine. The Wallenstein WP875 is also affordable and portable.

Removable horizontal cut thickness gauge

The Removable Horizontal Cut Thickness Gauge (HCH) is a useful tool for determining the depth of cut for chainsaws and wood processors. This tool measures the thickness of the chip each cutter pulls from a log. The setting can be adjusted by changing the depth gauge’s setting. The higher the value, the more aggressive the chain will cut. Too much cutting pressure and stalling can cause damage to the chain and clutch.

A Removable Horizontal Cut Thickness Gauge for Chainsaw and Wood Processors is made up of a guide bar and load cell mounted on linear bearings. The guide bar contains an orifice through which the lubricating oil for the saw chain is supplied. The tool also has an inline torque transducer to measure the input torque and angular velocity of the drive sprocket.

The results show that the depth-of-cut varies with the type of saw used and the cutting speed. The effects are bilinear, with the greatest effect over overload and below overload depth-of-cut. For example, the most efficient sawing speed occurs at a feed force of 60 N, which is equal to the total weight of a typical battery-powered chainsaw.


The safety hinge to attach chainsaw to wood processor has a number of safety features. It provides lateral support to the blade and a swivel lock locking handle, which allows the user to control the saw blade’s lateral position. Whether cutting horizontal or vertically, this feature helps to ensure optimal accuracy.

When making a back cut, make sure the back cut is one to two inches above the hinge point. This will control the direction of the fall of the tree. It is also possible to use a wedge to further secure the chainsaw within the cutting surface. Proper back cuts and undercuts can also help to control the direction of a tree’s fall.

Safety should be your number one priority when cutting trees. Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear and carefully inspect the trees before you start. If you’re new to chainsaw safety, find a mentor with a lot of experience and learn how to use it properly. Also, always cut with a partner.

Another feature of the safety hinge to attach chainsaw to wood processor is a remote trigger disengagement control. This control will stop the chainsaw from rotating if there’s a kickback. This feature will also provide you with more time to get out of the way. The safety hinge should be within the user’s reach so that the operator can quickly shut off the saw if necessary.

When using a chainsaw, make sure to wear the proper protective clothing. Choose clothing that is comfortable, but not too tight. Wear protective gloves and a safety helmet to protect your face and body from flying objects. Safety glasses and goggles are also important, as they will deflect wood chips and protect your eyes and ears.

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