How Halverson Wood Processor Dealers Help Customers Demonstrate Their Products

To sell the Halverson wood processor, A.J. had prospective customers drive up to six or eight hours to see it in person. He knew he needed to show it to them before they invested their time. Fortunately, he was familiar with different equipment demonstration videos on the internet.

‘618 Patent

The Court will deny Classified’s Motion to Dismiss, as the Complaint adequately states the ‘618 Patent infringement claim. In addition, Halverson’s Complaint includes labeled images of SSP-180 parts that are allegedly infringing. The allegations are thus sufficient to satisfy the pleading standards for ‘fair notice.’

The plaintiff, Halverson Wood Products, Inc., filed the suit against Classified Systems, LLC, which makes skid steer loader attachments for the wood-processing industry. In response, Classified filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that Halverson failed to state a plausible patent infringement claim. However, the Court denied Classified’s motion to dismiss because it did not consider its Markman arguments at the motion-to-dismiss stage.

New designs

A Halverson wood processor is a versatile machine designed to handle various kinds of wood. It is capable of processing round wood up to 16 inches in diameter, and it can operate at speeds that are similar to those of a commercial firewood processor. The machine comes in two models, the heavy-duty model 140B and the medium-duty model 120. The former has a higher processing capacity of six cubic meters per hour, while the latter is lighter and more affordable. Both models have a compact working area, low power consumption, and low running costs. Both models can be used for various applications, including firewood processing.

To attract more customers, A.J. Walsh needed to create a way to promote his new product. He knew prospective customers often drove six to eight hours to see a Halverson wood processor. He also wanted to give prospective customers a visual demonstration of the machine before they invested their time and money. The internet offered an effective way to accomplish this.

In the spring of 2015, A.J. Shaver invested in a firewood processor by Halverson Wood Products. He later formed Shaver Specialty Services and Sales Inc. and became a dealer of Halverson firewood processors. He set a goal of selling one Halverson wood processor per year. Shaver and his team have sold 36 units in less than two years and are now recognized as Halverson’s top-performing dealers.


Halverson wood processor dealers provide firewood processing equipment suited for light commercial and residential applications. The company has many models, including skid steer firewood processors. Prices are in U.S. dollars. International customers should contact their nearest dealer for current pricing. Please note that some models require additional harnesses.

In 2013, Glen Halverson designed a new model for his company, Halverson Wood Products, in rural Pine River, MN. At first, he had metal shops bend the frames for him, but by 2015, he could move the manufacturing process to his facility. To do this, the company acquired a building across from its original structure and purchased a plasma table, press brake, welders, and a paint booth. By late 2017, Halverson Wood Products pulled all metal fabrication in-house.


Customers of Halverson wood processor dealers often ask for demonstrations of their machines. They can drive from six to eight hours to see the devices. To help them decide, A.J. created a video showcasing his firewood processor. He also incorporated various woodworking equipment videos on the internet.

The Halverson wood processor is a highly versatile piece of equipment for contractors. It can process logs on the job site and haul them away once finished. This saves contractors time and eliminates the need to transport logs to the processing facility. Additionally, a Halverson wood processor dealer will provide customers with all the training they need to use the machine.

The Halverson processor can process round wood up to 16 inches in diameter. It can also process at speeds comparable to an industrial firewood processor. There are two models: the heavy-duty model, which can process up to 6 cubic meters per hour, and the medium-duty model, which is lighter and has a capacity of four cubic meters per hour. The medium-duty model features a compact working space and no discharge conveyor. Both models have low power consumption and low running costs.

The Halverson wood processor can be rented or purchased. It is designed to be attached to a skid-steer trailer. Unlike a traditional sawmill, this machine can be easily transported from one site to another. It can also be attached to a skid-steer loader and is compatible with that machine’s hydraulics.

A.J. Halverson

In early 2015, A.J. Shaver decided to invest in a firewood processor made by Halverson Wood Products, a company based in Minnesota. The processor attaches to a skid-steer, which provides the hydraulics and power needed to process the wood. After purchasing the processor, Shaver decided to start a business selling firewood. He now sells over 36 Halverson firewood processors a year.

A.J.’s prospective customers often drove six or eight hours to visit a dealer to see a Halverson wood processor. To make the sale more attractive to them, A.J. arranged for the customers to view a video of the processor before buying it. Luckily, he was familiar with the various online videos for different pieces of equipment.