How Long Can a Log Be For a 12 XP Dyna Wood Processor?

What is a 12 XP Dyna Wood Processor?

How long can a log be for a 12 XP Dyna Wood Processor is determined by the size of the log and the power of the machine. The 12 XP Dyna Wood Processor is designed to cut logs up to 5.5 feet (1.7 m) in length and up to 26 inches (66 cm) in diameter. It has a 12-horsepower gas engine that is capable of processing logs quickly and efficiently. The 12 XP Dyna Wood Processor is perfect for small-scale logging operations and can be used to produce lumber, firewood, and mulch.

If you’re considering purchasing a dyna wood processor, the first thing to know is the capacity of the machine. The most popular model is the SC-14. The SC-16 was developed in response to customer feedback and demand for a smaller machine. The SC-12 features an integrated 6-foot conveyor and the innovative Log Lifter mechanism to eliminate the need for a loader. The high-performance version of the SC-12XP features a 20-hp HONDA gas motor and enhanced splitting acceleration.

22-foot log length

Among the main differences between a dyna wood processor and other types of log processors is the log length. A standard 12 xp dyna wood processor can split up to a 22-foot log. A dyna wood processor can split up to four cords of firewood in an hour. It features an automatic chain oiler and multiple splitting heads.

DYNA is a leading manufacturer of firewood processors. It offers industry-leading technology and a nationwide rental fleet to provide the equipment that you need. Their machines can process up to four cords of firewood in one pass, and they come with a two-year warranty. The company has three models of firewood processors to meet the needs of the homeowner and the commercial operator. The SC-12 XP firewood processor costs around ,000, while larger models range into the tens of thousands of dollars.

4 cords per hour

This model features a 20-horsepower HONDA gas motor and a 6-foot conveyor system. It also has a Log Lifter mechanism that eliminates the need for a loader. The SC-12 XP is the high-performance version of the SC-12. It has a color LCD display with easy-to-read controls.

The SC-12 XP features an upgraded V-twin Honda 20-horsepower engine and is built for fast and easy setup. It is a versatile machine that can process up to a cord of firewood an hour. It can also be fitted with an optional six-way wedge splitter. It can be towed by an ATV and can be easily moved to the desired location. The SC-12 XP can split logs into two or four pieces, and can split them into any length you desire.

The DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor is one of the top models. This model is known for its high output. It features a 16-foot conveyor and a hydraulic Booster Valve. It also has a chainsaw for cutting logs.

Two-year warranty

The DYNA brand is known for its durable, high-output firewood processors. They are used in several industries and come with strong warranties to protect their buyers. Two-year warranties are standard on all DYNA firewood processors. A resale warranty is also available on selected models.

Under this warranty, PascaL International Inc. will provide replacement parts and/or service for processors. However, the warranty does not cover labour, transportation, and other costs associated with replacing parts. Additionally, the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or misuse of the product. However, the company may extend this warranty to one year if necessary. Moreover, if you experience a problem with your product during the warranty period, you can contact PascaL International Inc. to discuss your concerns.

In addition to the two-year warranty, the manufacturer offers additional features such as upgraded safety features and a 6-way wedge. In addition to a standard gas engine, the DYNA SC-15 firewood processor also has an optional six-way wedge and a 14-foot chain infeed. It is a powerful machine that can handle thousands of cords per year.

DYNA firewood processors are among the most advanced machines available. They can process up to four cords of firewood per hour. Many DYNA firewood processors come with a two-year warranty. The DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor can be operated manually or with an excavator. Once the wood is loaded into the machine, it feeds into a circular blade that cuts and shapes it into round wood. After this, it enters a splitter chamber to separate the wood into pieces.

Another firewood processor that comes with a two-year warranty is the DYNA SC-15. This model features a 14-foot integrated conveyor and can process logs as large as 15 inches in diameter. It is also equipped with a 16-inch blade, which can be adjusted to four different settings.


If you’re looking to buy a firewood processor, one great option is the DYNA SC-12 XP. This model is designed to process up to a cord of firewood an hour, and it comes with a 20-horsepower Honda engine. It also has a six-way wedge splitter and a 10-foot conveyor for easy loading. It can also be pulled behind an ATV for easy mobility.

Depending on the size of your log, the DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor can handle up to 15-inch logs. It features a hydraulic system to minimize the amount of time it takes to push a log through. The machine is designed to be easy to use and has an ergonomic joystick control for easy operation. This firewood processor is also designed to process logs with crooked sides.

DYNA offers a wide range of firewood processors, ranging from a small home model to large commercial models. Prices for a small DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor start at $23,000, while larger ones cost tens of thousands of dollars more. However, DYNA machines are among the best in the industry and are well worth the investment.

DYNA firewood processors are widely praised for their durability and efficiency. They are also affordable and come with excellent warranties. The company even offers resale options for older models. This type of processor is great for home or commercial use, and comes with a two-year warranty.