How Much 18 Cord of Wood Do You Need?

What is 18 Cord of Wood?

18 cord of wood is a unit of measurement referring to the amount of wood, usually firewood, in a stack. It is equal to 128 cubic feet of wood, or a stack 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. 18 cord of wood is typically sold by the full cord or fractional cord, and is a convenient way to purchase and store firewood for the winter months.

The cord of wood is used for many different purposes. Some people use it to stack objects; others even use it to build their homes. However, before you stack this product, you need to know exactly how much you’ll need. There are many ways to calculate this.

Face cord

A face cord is one of the most popular terms used when discussing wood. It measures how much firewood is in a stack of logs. However, there are many different ways to measure it.

In addition to the face cord, there is also the entire cord. The face cord is the smaller of the two. It contains about one-third of a complete line.

Typically, a full cord of 16-inch pieces of wood is a four-foot high by the eight-foot long stack. That makes it longer than a face cord. But it is still small enough to fit in most pickup trucks.

There are two ways to measure firewood. The first is to measure the size of the logs. The second is to measure the size of the stack. This is done by calculating the number of piles needed to produce a given volume.

An excellent way to figure out how much a cord of wood will cost is to determine the average length of each piece. Using this data, you can compare the prices of various sizes of face cords. If you’re buying for your fireplace, the face cord is usually the best option.

An excellent way to decide on the best price for your face cord is to call different dealers. You can ask for a cost per cord or a price per face cord.

The full cord is too large for some people’s taste. They’ll need to split it down to fit in their firebox. So it’s worth asking the seller how they measure their piles.

Full cord

If you’ve purchased a home with a fireplace, you may have wondered how much wood you’ll need. A full cord of 18 cords of wood can cost you several hundred dollars. However, this figure can vary depending on your location, weather, the type of wood you want, and whether you buy your firewood from a dealer or a private homeowner.

The standard measure of firewood is a cord, or a stack of wood that’s four feet high, eight feet long, and four feet wide. This is also known as a rick.

A rick of wood is similar to a full cord of wood but is only a third of the size. A rick of wood is a pile of 16 to 18 inches deep.

A full cord of wood is eight feet long, four feet wide, and four feet deep. This is the size that loggers used in the seventeenth century to store their wood. Often, a cord of wood is stacked with three rows of sixteen-inch logs.

The US Energy Information Administration reported that 2.5 million homes relied on firewood as their primary heat source in 2012. In 2005, the average price was $125 for a full cord of hardwood and softwood species.

You might have heard of a “face cord” or a “half cord.” These are two different ways to measure firewood. They both have benefits, and you should know how to compare them.

If you’re buying a stack of wood, you must ensure that you understand the length of the pieces. If you need more clarification, ask the seller. This is an excellent way to know how the wood will be priced.


When it comes to firewood, the cord is the standard unit of measure. Whether buying a stack of logs or splitting them, you need to know how much wood is in a line to determine if it will fit in your firebox.

To calculate how much wood is in a cord, you need to know the width and height of the stack. You must know the distance between the row’s edges if the pile comprises multiple rows.

If you need help determining the dimensions of a stack of wood, you can use a calculator. The calculator will help you measure the width and height of your pile and tell you how many cords there are. You can also enter your volume and price.

To make the most out of your stack of wood, it’s essential to stack it uniformly. This will ensure that the air space in the stack is evenly distributed, which will give you better energy estimation. A loose pile will have more air space than a tightly stacked pile.

If you’re buying a stack of firewood, you can use a calculator to determine the pile’s dimensions. This calculator will accept your length and width measurements and show you the number of full cords in the bank and the percentage of one face cord.

A standard cord of wood is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet high. This translates to an average of 128 cubic feet of firewood. This volume is a good starting point to estimate how many cords of wood you need for your firebox. If you live in Southern Wisconsin, you may need three to four lines to provide the warmth you need for an extended period.

Buying sight unseen

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Calculating the amount you need

If you’re planning on buying firewood for your home, you should know how many 18 cords of wood you need. You can measure the pieces’ length, width, and height to get a good idea of how many you will need.

It’s important to understand that the volume of the wood will determine the price you pay for firewood. A full cord contains 600-800 pieces of split firewood. A half cord has less than half that amount.

You can calculate how much firewood you’ll need using a simple calculator. The calculator will take the height, width, and volume of your pile of wood and display the percentage of a face cord, the number of complete lines, and the total cost of the stack of wood.

The calculator will also accept the width and length measurements. You can enter the width in inches and the height and volume in feet.

The dimensions of a full cord of wood are four feet wide by eight feet long. This is equivalent to 128 cubic feet of volume.

When purchasing firewood, you should only buy in cords. They list the total volume in cubic feet if you’re getting it from a dealer or distributor. It would help if you converted the price to the full cord to ensure you’re paying a fair price for your supply.

If you’re interested in learning more about how much wood you need, visit the University of New Hampshire cooperative extension. Their website offers estimates on how much firewood is produced in different sizes.

Ultimately, you can calculate how many 18 cords of wood you need by comparing prices from various suppliers. However, it would help if you never relied on a seller’s price estimate alone. It would help if you also asked the vendor for a comparison of the volume of the wood to the cord’s measurement. If they refuse to provide this information, you can refuse to buy the wood.