How Much Does a Cord of Soft Wood Weigh?

What is a Cord of Soft Wood?

How much does a cord of soft wood weigh is a question often asked by those purchasing firewood for home use. A cord of soft wood typically weighs between 2,500 and 2,800 pounds, depending on the type of wood and moisture content. Softwood is generally lighter than hardwood and is used for fuel and in the production of paper and other products. Softwood is often sold in cords, which are units of volume that measure 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet.

Whether you are making a cord of softwood or just deciding to purchase some, you will want to know how much it weighs. That way, you can ensure that you have enough to make the project you are working on as successful as possible.


Whether you’re buying wood for a house or a fireplace, it’s essential to know the weight of a cord of Jack pine. Pinewood weighs about 2,700 pounds per cord. This makes it an excellent option for firewood. It also provides a good amount of heat, with 17 million BTUs.

Wood from different trees varies in density, color, and structure. Some woods, such as pine, are light and soft, while others, such as Oak, are heavy and hardwood. The weight of a cord of wood depends on three factors: the size of the log, its moisture content, and its species. You can use an online calculator to determine the weight of a cord.

A cord of jack pine weighs about 3205 pounds when wet. Its weight drops to 2340 pounds when dry. Its density also changes depending on its moisture content. Compared to most softwoods, ponderosa pine holds more water. This means that a cord of ponderosa pine is easier to carry.

Cords of pine wood are generally cut to four-foot lengths. Cords of wood are used in various applications, including construction lumber and paper production.

If you’re looking for a cord of wood, it’s essential to know the difference between a full and a half cord. A full cord weighs about 4,800 pounds when fresh, while a half cord weighs 3,600 pounds.

Cords of jack pine are used for various applications, including construction lumber and paper production. They’re also great for bonsai art.

Jack pine is a member of the Pinaceae family, composed of about 220 to 250 species of trees. It’s native to the northeastern United States. This tree is used to construct lumber, poles, and Christmas trees.

It’s also used in various other applications, such as paper and decking. Because it’s low in density, it’s also easy to work with. It’s not prone to rot, and it glues well. It’s also durable and a good choice for bonsai art.

Although it’s a good choice for firewood, jack pine doesn’t provide high heat. There are better choices for extreme weather conditions.

Ponderosa pine

Having a good idea of how much a cord of wood weighs. The tree’s specific gravity determines the weight of a line. You should look at a better-quality option if you are in the market for a new home or office building. For those on a budget, pine is a good choice.

A cord is a length of wood that is four feet long by eight feet wide. You can also get wood that is in a line of eight feet. A cord of wood is often measured in pounds and kilograms.

The weight of a cord of ponderosa pine is about the same as a standard cord of wood. For this reason, you should take the time to choose the right line of pine for your home.

The specific gravity of the tree determines the weight of a cord of pine. Ponderosa pine is a water-holding wood, which means that when it dries, it loses weight. This may make transporting the dry lumber easier.

The actual weight of a cord of ponderosa is approximately two pounds and three pounds per cubic foot. Historically, wood in lines has been cut into four-foot lengths. In today’s markets, pulpwood and chip-n-saw are two common delivery types. However, you can also buy a cord of pine over eight feet long.

The weight of a cord of Oak is similar to a line of ponderosa. A full cord of red Oak weighs in at a respectable 4888 pounds. For comparison, an entire white oak thread weighs around 3528 pounds. A line of white Oak is one of the heaviest woods on earth.

The weight of a cord of Oak may be a bit higher, but a line of Oak may also be a bit lower. The importance of a thread of Red Oak is lower than the weight of a cable of ponderosa. Similarly, a red oak line is slightly higher than a white oak cord.

Douglas fir

Various factors can affect the weight of a cord of Douglas fir. The number of pieces, the greenness of the wood, density, moisture content, and how the wood is stacked all play a part. If you know the weight of the wood you are purchasing, you will be better prepared to decide whether to buy it.

The average weight of a cord of Douglas fir is about 3319 pounds when it is dry. The dry weight of a line of Douglas fir may be slightly less than that of the same wood when wet.

Cords of wood may also be divided into half-cords. Each half-cord measures four feet in length and eight feet in width. The volume of a half-cord is 64 cubic feet. The importance of a full cord is 128 cubic feet.

A half-cord of Douglas fir weighs approximately 250 pounds. This is the same amount of weight that a 12-inch log weighs. Therefore, a half-cord of wood can fill a pickup truck. If you are planning on hauling a cord of Douglas fir, you will need a vehicle that can handle the weight. If you own a pickup truck, look into the best type of truck for hauling a cord.

In general, hardwoods will weigh more than softwoods. This is because the structure of hardwoods is much heavier than that of softwoods. Hardwoods also have a higher moisture content. This can make it challenging to burn if the wood is wet. This is one of the reasons why hardwoods are an excellent choice to burn in an emergency.

The weight of a cord of Douglas fir can vary by thousands of pounds. You can also find out the importance of certain trees online. You can also use a weighted estimate to approximate the weight of a cord of wood. A half-ton pickup truck is designed to carry 1000 pounds, and larger vehicles can handle the importance of a line in one trip. You can also use a cord calculator to calculate the weight of a cord of Douglas birch, red Oak, yellow birch, and white Oak.

Silver maple

Unless you’ve ever had a wood-burning fire in your backyard, you probably haven’t even considered how much a cord of silver maple of softwood weighs. But the truth is, several factors determine how much a line of silver maple or softwood will weigh.

For instance, the wood’s moisture content will affect the cord’s weight. It is generally recommended that maple wood is dried to around 28-32% moisture. This will help ensure that your wood is properly dried before you burn it. The length and width of a cord will also impact how much weight a line of silver maple will weigh.

On average, a cord of softwood will weigh about four feet tall and four feet wide. It will also vary based on the species and size of the tree.

When it comes to the weight of a cord, you should always remember that hardwoods tend to be heavier than softwoods. This is because the density of hardwoods is higher than the density of softwoods. When planning your trip to the lumberyard, consider the weight of the wood you’re hauling home.

One cord of hardwood can weigh up to 5000 pounds when fresh. But it can also weigh a lot less when it’s dry. For instance, a white oak cord will weigh 4,200 pounds when dry. Similarly, a red oak line will weigh 4,888 pounds when fresh.

But if you are trying to figure out how much a cord of silver maple or hardwood will weigh, the fact is, it’s hard to know. In addition, there are many different types of maple trees. Each class will have an extra weight and a different structure.

A cord of red Oak will weigh the same amount when it’s fresh as a cord of pin oak will consider when it’s dry. But a white oak line will weigh more than a cord of red Oak.

On average, a face cord of wood will weigh around 8 feet long and about 4 feet tall. A face cord log will usually be about sixteen to twenty inches deep. This means it will take several trips to the woodshed to bring a full cord of red oak home.