How Much Does a Cord of Wood Cost in Florida?

What is a Cord of Wood?

A cord of wood cost in Florida is typically around $125. It is a unit of measurement used to measure firewood and is equal to a stack of wood measuring 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep. The cost of a cord of wood varies depending on the type of wood and location. Most types of hardwood such as oak, hickory, and maple are more expensive than softwood such as pine or cedar. The cost of the wood also varies based on whether the wood is split or unsplit.

Several options are available, whether you’re in the market for a new cord of wood or just curious about how much you’re paying for a particular product. Some are more expensive than others, so research is essential to find the right price for your project. The best way to do this is to consult with a lumber yard.


Purchasing a cord of sycamore wood is very affordable. It costs about 0 to 0 per cord. The cost is dependent on the delivery method and distance from the seller. Most reputable sellers will not charge you a delivery fee if you live within a certain radius. However, you may have to pay a higher shipping charge if you’re far from a seller.

The cost of sycamore firewood is less than other top-class hardwoods like oak and ash. Its moisture content is high, and its heat output is moderate. Its low sap content means it does not produce a lot of creosote.

The bark of sycamore is mottled with patches of brown and green. Its heartwood is somewhat lustrous and reddish. The sapwood is yellowish-white.

The tree has a hardy and sturdy trunk. It grows in various environments but is best found in well-drained bottomlands along the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys.

The American sycamore is the largest of the native sycamore species. It is a large, broad tree that grows 15 feet in diameter.

The American sycamore has a long and sturdy trunk and is often used in furniture production. It is also traditionally used in joinery paneling and molding.

The American sycamore can be purchased at several lumber companies and retailers. It is a relatively inexpensive choice, but its heat output is much lower than other eastern hardwoods. It produces moderate smoke but does not carry a pungent smell. It is also not known to be poisonous.

If you are looking for wood with moderate heat output, sycamore is a good choice. However, it should be seasoned before burning. This will help it burn more evenly. It also makes the wood easier to light.

Unlike other types of hardwoods, sycamore firewood does not produce a lot of creosote. This can build up in chimneys from unburned wood and lead to fires. It can also dull your cutting edges.

If you’re considering buying a cord of sycamore, you’ll want to ensure it’s been seasoned. Ideally, it will have a dry surface and be a uniform color. It also needs to be stacked neatly.


Purchasing firewood can be daunting. You need to determine the best price and how to get it. Here are some tips to help you out.

In the US, you can buy firewood by the cord. This is the standard measure for the volume of stacked wood. In most places, a full line of firewood measures eight feet long, four feet wide, and four feet deep.

The cost of a cord of wood varies depending on where you live, the type of wood you choose, and your distance from the seller. Some locations may even have higher prices than others. The most important thing to remember is to compare prices to find the best deal.

You might be surprised to learn that you’ll need to pay a little more for a half cord than a full one. Half cords of hardwoods can be as much as 0, while softwoods can be less than 0.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to cut your firewood or hire a company to do it for you. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need a woodcutting permit.

In addition to the cost of a cord of wood, you’ll need to factor in delivery charges. The price of a line will depend on the distance between you and the seller and the size of the pickup truck you use to transport it. Generally, you’ll pay $2 per mile for delivery. The price will increase if you need to hire a professional to deliver.

A full cord of wood can weigh anywhere from 2,500 pounds for softwoods to 5,000 pounds for hardwoods. The weight will vary depending on the species and condition of the wood. The density of the wood will also play a role in the total weight.

The best way to save money on firewood is to plan and get in on the action before winter sets in. If you have access to a pickup truck, you can do it yourself and avoid the delivery fee.


Depending on where you live, the half-candle cord of wood may or may not be an option. To the uninitiated, the half-candle equivalent of a cubic foot of seasoned hardwood is a hard sell. If you purchase a half-candle, the good news is that the process is relatively painless. Besides, you have a much smaller supply to deal with.

Aside from the wood, you will also have to contend with a truck that can accommodate the weight and the cost of transporting the loot. The price per cubic foot of half-candle wood can vary greatly, from about 0 to more than 0. The latter may shock the discerning buyer, particularly if you are planning a major remodel.

Of course, the costs can be significantly scaled down if you have a savvy local contractor or handyperson on speed dial. Regardless of your situation, you’ll want to research before committing to a new project. You’ll find many companies that offer free estimates and consultations. This is the perfect time to pick their brains. You’ll be rewarded with a better home in the long run.

You’ll also have a less cluttered driveway and a more enjoyable home. Consider hiring a professional to get the job done right the first time around. You can also check out the local classifieds for a listing of reputable contractors, handypersons, and other tradespeople. The best part is that these professionals are often willing to oblige your burgeoning ego. It takes work to say yes to a newcomer, especially in a hot market like Florida.

Quarter cord

Depending on where you live and the type of wood you buy, a quarter cord can cost $50 to $125. Prices vary from state to state and city to city. A complete line of wood can range from $150 to $500.

The price you pay for a cord of wood depends on the type of wood you buy, the length of the line, and the type of delivery. Seasonality is a factor in the price of firewood, which can increase during the winter months. You can save money by stacking your wood. You can also have a professional deliver it to you. Generally, these services will charge you between $2 and $3 per mile.

When you need to purchase firewood, you should look for a reputable company to do the delivery. Most reputable companies will not charge you a delivery fee within a certain distance. If you plan to deliver yourself, you can save even more by not paying the delivery fee.

Most people purchase a quarter cord of wood to use as a backup heat source. The amount of wood they need will depend on the size of their home and the weather in their area. In mild climates, people will usually require more wood in the spring, and in colder regions, they may need to purchase more in the winter.

The price of a quarter cord of wood will vary depending on the location, the time of year, the quality of the wood, and the pickup truck used to deliver it. The cost can also change due to fuel costs and the type of wood used. The price of seasoned wood is lower than unseasoned wood.

You can save even more if your truck delivers the wood. However, if you hire a company to offer, you will need to pay a fee for stacking. Some companies will charge $20-30 for this service.

A full cord of wood is eight feet long and weighs 2,500 pounds. The average price for a full line of wood is around $300.