How Much Does a Cord of Wood Cost in Wisconsin?

What is a Cord of Wood in Wisconsin?

How much does a cord of wood cost in Wisconsin is dependent on a variety of factors such as the type of wood, supplier, and location. Generally, a cord of wood in Wisconsin will cost between $100 and $400, depending on the quality of the wood, the supplier, and any additional fees. Additionally, many suppliers in Wisconsin offer discounts for bulk orders, meaning the cost of a cord of wood could cost even less.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a cord of wood. The first is availability. Most people do not own a large enough vehicle to transport a cord of wood themselves. Another consideration is how far the seller must travel to deliver the wood. Fortunately, most reputable sellers will not charge for delivery within a certain radius. However, you should know that the final cost of the cord of wood will depend on how far the seller has to travel.

Face cord

A face cord of wood is a unit that is very similar to a full cord of wood, but it has certain differences. A face cord of wood contains one row of firewood instead of the full cord of wood. It also does not follow standard measurements. The width, height, and depth of a face cord should equal at least one hundred twenty-five cubic feet.

A face cord of wood costs about $40 to $180 and is about one third the volume of a full cord. This type of wood is sold at different prices across the country, and prices vary from state to state. In Wisconsin, a face cord of wood costs about $50. However, the exact price will depend on the type of wood and whether it is split or uncut.

Half cord

If you’re planning on using wood to heat your home, it’s important to determine how much a half cord of wood is going to cost. This amount varies depending on factors like your home’s size and location, the type of wood you burn, and the weather in your area. Additionally, the cost per cord can differ depending on whether or not you use oak or softwood.

Wood sellers sometimes refer to a “face cord” or 1 /3 of a cord by different names. However, these terms are meaningless and confusing to buyers. It’s best to use a standard measurement such as Width x Height x Length, or 128 cubic feet.

The cost of a half cord of wood varies from $100 to $300. Professionals usually sell half cords and charge slightly more per cubic foot than a full cord. This makes it an economical choice if you plan to use wood as a backup heat source. If you plan on using it for a long period of time, it’s recommended to get a full cord to maximize its effectiveness.

During the cold winter months, prices for firewood are higher than the average. In addition, some places in the U.S. charge more per cord, so it’s best to compare prices in your area. It’s also better to purchase wood cut into uniform lengths, since it will save you time when stacking the wood.


Wood bundles, also known as firewood, can range in price from $5 to $7. Prices will depend on location and type of wood. Rural areas are more likely to have abundant wood sources. Homeowners cut down trees in these areas and sell the wood at a discount.

When purchasing wood, look for certified hardwoods. The USDA certifies the wood to ensure it is free from insects such as Emerald Ash Borers and Gypsy Moths. This makes it safe to use in state parks and even across county lines. The USDA certifies wood at the county level.

If you live in the state of Wisconsin, you can purchase firewood from state parks and forests. Additionally, there are many gas stations in the area, which sell firewood. However, gas station wood is usually more expensive than wood purchased elsewhere. Look for “2 for $6” deals to get a discount. Also, you can purchase bundles of wood from grocery stores. Stores often sell bundles in special spots and you can ask employees for recommendations.


If you are living in Wisconsin and are looking for firewood for your fireplace, you may want to check out a local company that delivers firewood. Companies like Best Burn offer deliveries of anywhere from a half cord to a full cord. They also offer dry-mixed wood delivery to Milwaukee and Waukesha. They also have an online ordering system.

You can also buy firewood from Wisconsin state forests and parks. However, if you’re camping in a remote area or at a campground with no staff, you may need to find wood locally. Sometimes, you can find firewood in your neighborhood or on your property. Another good way to find firewood is to use a free website called Firewood Scout to locate suppliers in your area.

If you’re living in Wisconsin, you should make sure you purchase firewood that has been certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. This way, you can be confident that the wood is safe for you and your family. Also, check to see if there are any restrictions on moving firewood between state campgrounds.

Another great way to learn about firewood is to ask sellers about the volume of wood they sell. Firewood is typically measured in cords. Its measurement is different than in the US, which uses a different system. You’ll find firewood in face and full cord sizes. It’s easy to confuse the two measurement systems, but you should always ask for the total volume of wood before paying for it.


Depending on where you live, seasonality can greatly affect how much a cord of wood costs in your area. For example, the price of firewood can range from $40 to $200 per cord. The amount of fuel required to transport a cord of wood also affects the price.

The cost of a cord of wood depends on the wood species and quality. It also depends on the time of year. For example, hardwood cords might cost $150 to $200 in the spring, but might cost as much as $250 or $300 in the winter, depending on supply.

Cords of wood come in different lengths and sizes. A cord typically contains 128 cubic feet of wood. The length, width, and height of a cord differ from supplier to supplier. Often, the lengths are unevenly cut, so there is a lot of air space between the individual pieces. This can make price comparisons confusing, especially if you’re comparing prices from different suppliers.

The cost of a cord of wood in Wisconsin depends on the season. When the temperatures are warm and the air is dry, prices will be lower. The most economical time to buy a cord of wood is the spring and summer. However, if you live in the Midwest or Northeast, you may want to wait until the coldest winter months to start stocking up on firewood. Then you won’t be scrambling to fill your woodshed when demand peaks.


The price of a cord of wood in Wisconsin is not set in stone, and you should ask several questions before agreeing to buy a cord of wood. A cord contains 90 cubic feet of wood. It is commonly sold in full cords, but some businesses sell it in fractions.

The price of a cord of wood in Wisconsin will vary depending on the type and quality of wood you buy. Hardwoods are usually the best choice, as they create a hot, long-lasting fire. Softwoods are not as durable, but are still good for shorter fires.

A half cord costs about $100 to $300. Professional sellers usually sell half cords, which are a little more expensive per cubic foot than full cords. A half cord is a good option if you only need a small amount of wood or want to have a backup source of heat.

There is no set price for a cord of wood in Wisconsin, but the price will vary depending on the type of wood, its size, and the quality and scent. It is also important to take into account the season, location, and material when comparing prices. If you’re buying firewood, you might want to get a mix of different types so you can save money.

Firewood prices are higher during the winter. On average, a cord of wood costs $300 to $400 US dollars, but prices can be much higher depending on the type, cut, and delivery method. For dry wood, the cost can double. Delivery and stacking charges can add another $50 or so.