How Much Is a Halverson Wood Processor?

When deciding whether to purchase a Halverson wood processor, it is important to consider a few factors. The price is one consideration, but it should not be the only one. Other factors to consider include its features, advantages, and benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Halverson wood processors.


If you are looking for a versatile firewood processor, look no further than the Halverson processor. This machine has the ability to process up to 16-inch round logs and processes them at speeds that rival industrial firewood processors. Available in two models, the heavy-duty model 140B can process up to 6 cubic metres per hour, while the medium-duty model 120 processes up to four cubic metres per hour. Other features of a Halverson wood processor include a compact working area and low power and running costs. It is also easy to maintain and has a high level of durability.

Another benefit of a Halverson wood processor is its mobility. It can be attached to a skid-steer loader or excavator. It attaches via the common skid-steer mounting plate. Aaron bought his Halverson wood processor from A.J. Shaver, a dealer in Wyoming, Penn. He drove down to his dealership to check it out in person.

In May of 2015, A.J. Shaver invested in a Halverson firewood processor after visiting a demonstration of Halverson’s equipment in his hometown. A few months later, his company became an authorized Halverson dealer. He set a goal to sell one Halverson wood processor each year. In just over two years, he sold 36 units and was named one of the top Halverson dealers.

Halverson is an industry leader in all-in-one skid steer loader firewood processors. Their machines are simple, reliable, and affordable. Operating the machine is simple and easy – one person can do the entire process from the skid steer loader seat. This makes it a great tool for a tree service or firewood business, or even for home use.


A.J. Walsh was looking for ways to increase his firewood sales and he had come across a Halverson wood processor for sale. He was looking for a way to demonstrate the machine before he invested the time and money. He knew that the internet was a valuable resource for videos about various equipment and he wanted to show prospective customers how it worked before he bought it.

In the spring of 2015, he decided to invest in a Halverson firewood processor and incorporated Shaver Specialty Services & Sales Inc. He wanted to market firewood processors and set a goal of selling one each year. Within two years, he sold 36 units and received the dealer of the year award.

Halverson firewood processors are easy to use and can be mounted on a variety of equipment, including excavators and wheel loaders. They can also be used on tractors with front-end loaders. These machines are made in the USA and are highly regarded by major firewood producers. The processors operate from the machine cab, meaning that there is no need for operators to get out of the machine to unload the logs.

A Halverson firewood processor is easy to operate, with buttons and joystick controls for the operator. It can process one to two cords of wood an hour, and can process as much as 16 inches of logs at a time. Another benefit is that it is portable and easy to store.


There are several advantages of buying a Halverson wood processor. Firstly, it is more affordable than other firewood processing machines. In addition, a Halverson can be easily moved from one site to another. Moreover, it can be attached to a skid steer or excavator through a standard skid steer mounting plate.

Secondly, a Halverson processor can process up to 16″ diameter round wood with speeds that are comparable to those of an industrial firewood processor. Moreover, it is available in two models – the heavy-duty model 140B, with a processing capacity of six cubic metres per hour, and the medium-duty model 120, with a capacity of four cubic meters per hour. Both models have a compact working area, low power consumption, and low running costs.

The Halverson wood processor is also available with skid steer attachments. These attachments are ideal for residential and light commercial use. These skid-steer-mounted processors enable the operator to process logs of up to sixteen inches in diameter. Additionally, the skid-steer attachment allows the operator to perform wood splitting and cutting tasks.

Investing in a halverson wood processor

In the spring of 2015, A.J. Shaver made a major investment in a firewood processor manufactured by Halverson Wood Products, a company that specializes in equipment and services for the forest industry. The Halverson wood processor attaches to a skid-steer and uses hydraulics and power to process wood. After two years, Shaver sold 36 units, making him one of the company’s top dealers.

The Halverson firewood processor processes 16-inch-diameter round wood at speeds comparable to industrial firewood processors. It is available in two models, a heavy-duty unit that processes up to six cubic metres per hour, and a medium-duty unit with a capacity of four cubic metres per hour. Both models are designed with ease of operation in mind. They have an easy-to-use five-way control system, low power consumption, and low operating costs.

While the initial investment may be large, the processor can handle a large job in a single day. In addition to this, it can be easily attached to tractors and excavators via a standard skid-steer mounting plate. If you’re looking to sell your firewood to customers, this machine can significantly increase your output.

Halverson wood processors are powerful, versatile, and safe to operate. They are built in Minnesota, and can process 1.5 to two cords of wood per hour. They are made for either skid-steer loaders or excavators, and they are also built to meet federal safety standards.

A Halverson firewood processor is an excellent choice for contractors who need to process logs quickly and efficiently. They can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter and are easy to store. They also process logs conveniently and can be easily transported. As a result, contractors can save time and money while cutting logs.

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