How to Choose a Wood Processor Machine

When shopping for a wood processor machine, make sure to consider the output rate of the device. Each manufacturer will list the cords it can split per hour. A light-duty machine can quickly separate two lines of green frozen Aspen per hour. However, the rate will vary depending on temperature, species, and other variables. Watching a video of a machine running at its maximum output rate will give you a good idea of how fast it is.

Cord King CS20-40

The Cord King CS20-40 wood processor is a top-of-the-line firewood processor. It features an industry-leading saw-to-saw time of 3-5 seconds, a carbide-tooth slasher saw, and a powerful diesel engine. It’s suitable for commercial and home use and comes in a price range that will fit most firewood producers’ budgets.

It’s easy to use. It comes fully assembled and carries a one-year warranty. It features an auto-retractable saw and a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter to produce consistent firewood sizes. The Cord King CS20-40 is built in Canada.

This machine weighs 2050 pounds. It can quickly be loaded on a trailer and can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It can also be customized to fit different size excavators and wheel loaders. It is designed for quick cutting and has a shuttle table for easy stacking.

Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS wood processor machine has a powerful diesel engine that provides torque for all functions, maximizing the productivity and throughput of the finished product. It features a 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw for fast and efficient processing. The machine also features an ergonomic operator’s seat and a three-strand hydraulic log deck. It also comes with optional outfeed conveyors.

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Multitek was founded by Leo Heikkinen, who has worked in the wood machinery industry since 1945. He initially developed a hydraulic truck-mounted log-loading machine. After the war, he bought the original building from Prentice Motors and expanded his company to include wood processing machinery. Today, Multitek offers a variety of firewood processors for both commercial and small-scale operations. It also sells wood processing accessories.

The Multitek 1620 SS wood processor machine is a mid-size firewood processor that is highly efficient and affordable. It is equipped with a low-fuel-using 44-hp Kubota diesel engine. A patent-pending circular saw blade saves lubrication while ensuring maximum cutting efficiency. It also eliminates the need for regular blade maintenance. The carbide insert saw teeth are easy to replace without taking the blade out of the machine. The ergonomic design ensures clear visibility for the operator.

Multitek has been operating in Prentice, New Jersey, for 41 years. It plans to add a second building in March and the third one in the Fall 2022. Its original facility is located at 375 Progress St., but it has purchased a former V&H Trucks, Inc. building at 406 Air Park Road for storage purposes. The company also needs a large storage area for its mobile hydraulic equipment.


The DYNA SC-12 wood processor machine is a scaled-down version of the popular SC-14 wood processor machine. It features an integrated 6-foot conveyor and an innovative Log Lifter mechanism that eliminates the need for a loader. The high-performance version features a 20hp HONDA gas motor with enhanced splitting acceleration.

The DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor costs about $23,000 and is ideal for smaller commercial operations. It is available in four sizes, from a small home model to a large commercial machine. The DYNA SC-12 XP is priced at $23,000, but larger versions are available for tens of thousands of dollars more. DYNA machines are among the most advanced in the world, and you can feel confident knowing that you’re investing in a high-quality, high-performance device.

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The DYNA SC-12 XP firewood processor is simple and quick to set up. The machine has a durable 20 HP Honda motor and an 18-inch harvester bar. It also has a 6-way bundling wedge limited to 10-inch diameter logs. Its easy-to-use joystick controls make it easy to control the machine.

DYNA firewood processors come with a two-year warranty. If you encounter problems while processing your wood, DYNA offers repairs, exchanges, and replacements. In addition, DYNA offers rental options for a fee.

Posch HWP-140B

Posch has been making heavy woodworking tools for over 70 years. That means their products have proven themselves in the field and have mature technology that translates to absolute power and performance. The HWP-140B is no exception. Its powerful engine is designed to work efficiently for hours and can process large quantities of wood at once.

A new feature makes it easier to process mixed loads. The Posch Multi-Knife system allows a single blade to provide multiple splitting options, removing the need for multiple knives. This system also allows operators to quality process mixed loads, reducing the need for pre-sorting timber lengths. The system also helps producers increase margins by enabling operators to process non-uniform loads efficiently.

The HWP-140B can process 16-inch-diameter round wood at speeds similar to a commercial firewood processor. It is available in two models: a heavy-duty model that can process up to six cubic meters per hour and a medium-duty model that can process up to four cubic meters per hour. Both models have low power consumption, low running costs, and continuous high-out performance.

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Apache Model 300 Japa

The Apache Model 300 Japa is a one-person firewood processor machine with a 13-horsepower Honda engine and an independent hydraulic system. It can process logs up to 12″ in diameter and 20″ in length. It has a capacity of one cord of firewood per hour and is designed for easy, one-person operation. This machine also includes a hitch, highway subframe, and suspension axle for easy transport.

The Japa 365 Pro has additional features like timber decks, feeding rolls, and log lifters. The log rack significantly improves output, and a hydraulic lift helps raise logs onto the machine. The Japa 365 Basic version has essential features and is less expensive than the Japa 365 Pro.

Jas P Wilson HWP-150

Jas P Wilson manufactures an impressive range of wood processor machines. From mini splitters to large multi-knife appliances, the company’s machines can efficiently process a range of timber. These machines have a slew motion that mimics the movement of the human hand to split logs of wood at varying distances from one another. These machines also have a wide output conveyor that prevents jamming.

The HWP-150 machine is a small but versatile machine suitable for a wide range of wood processing jobs. This machine is ideal for processing sawn timber offcuts and big timber. Its large capacity allows for large logs up to 70cm in diameter and accepts pre-cut timber rounds. Split halves up to 80cm are also taken. Another great feature of this machine is its ability to split down big timber.

The Uniforest range is available from Fuelwood in the UK. It includes a variety of firewood processors, including the Transaw 350 XLS. This machine is among the fastest in its class, with a capacity of up to 14 inches. The company manufactures its devices in Warwickshire and sells them across the UK through dealers.

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The Parallax C900 is another solid firewood processor. Its new design makes it easier to operate. It features an impressive 1000mm hard-metal cutting blade that requires no maintenance. It also boasts an automatic rapid-motion valve that ensures an optimal output rate.

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