How to Find a Chomper Wood Processor for Sale on Craigslist

Buying a chomper wood processor

The first step in purchasing a wood processor is to research the manufacturer. You should research the manufacturer online if you need help finding one. A company’s website will often have a listing for a used chomper for sale.

A typical model costs $15k to $20k. The price will vary depending on how much wood you plan to process. You can find cheaper models for under $15k, but they will probably not come with a conveyor. Also, you’ll have to check the quality of the model.

If you’re in the market for a new wood processor, consider the Easton-made 22MB. This high-quality machine comes with a Honda engine and a double pump. Plus, it’s made in the USA. This model is also sturdy.

Using a chomper wood processor

A chomper wood processor is a handy piece of equipment for anyone who needs to process large amounts of wood. With the eight grease nipples, it’s easy to grease and operates smoothly. Bob said that he oiled the machine daily, and he also explained the process to me.

Bob bought his Chomper from a company in Rainier, Ore., and did a lot of research online before making the purchase. The company’s website has a listing for this machine in the area. The Chomper SMPLX14D is a four-way splitter and works with a Hudson 20-foot conveyor, offloading to a wood pile. He also has a Bobcat S175 to move the firewood away from the machine.

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