How to Find the Fastest Wood Processor

To find the fastest wood processor for your needs, you need to know how much material it can process per hour. Most manufacturers list their output rating in cords per hour. In terms of output, the smallest machine can split two lines of green frozen Aspen within an hour. However, the rate of production is affected by several variables. These variables include the condition of the wood, temperature, species, and number of splits and rounds. The best way to find out the exact speed of a wood processor is to watch a detailed video of its operation.

18 HP Cord King CS20-40

The 18 HP Cord King CS20-40 wood grinder is a well-known wood processor that has been around for more than 30 years. This model is a good choice for homeowners on a budget and is available worldwide. As a firewood processor, the CS20-40 is perfect for smaller jobs, as it is highly portable and uses meager power and running costs.

This firewood processor has an industry-leading carbide tooth slasher saw and a powerful diesel engine. It is easy to use and can process four to ten cords of firewood per hour. Its saw-to-saw cycle time is less than three seconds, which makes it ideal for home and small commercial producers.

The CS20-40 is a versatile firewood processor that can be mounted on a skid steer or excavator. It has a durable design and is very easy to maintain. For more information, contact BioEquipment at 01685 810 148. The Rabaud Xylog 420 firewood processor is another high-quality option. It comes equipped with a four-way wedge system and is highly versatile.

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Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS is a mid-sized firewood processor with powerful features for the growing firewood producer. It has a 44-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, and a patented guillotine-style circular saw with carbide insert teeth. Its ergonomic design allows for easy operation and maximum visibility.

The 1620 SS is one of the market’s most cost-effective mid-sized firewood processors. Its low-maintenance, low-fuel 44-horsepower Kubota engine makes it an excellent choice for firewood processing operations. Moreover, the saw blade is easy to replace without disassembling the machine. This model also boasts superior ergonomics, including a dual joystick operator station, allowing a clear view of the cutting process.

This machine is also known for its safety features. The guillotine up-and-down cutting motion of the Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor is the only circular saw that cuts firewood safely and smoothly. This innovation makes the Multitek 1620 SS a perfect choice for small and medium-sized firewood processors.

The Multitek 1620 SS is a compact wood processor that can cut up to 3 cords of firewood per hour. It has a powerful 44-horsepower (33kw) turbocharged diesel engine that optimizes operator productivity. It also includes a three-strand hydraulic log deck, Log flippers for easier handling of logs, and optional outfeed conveyors for more efficient stacking.

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Plex 1620 SS

The 1620 SS is a mid-size firewood processor designed for chopping and splitting up to three cords of firewood per hour. The saw blade rotates at 1400 RPM, and the 44 hp (33kw) turbocharged diesel engine maximizes operator productivity. This machine also has an ergonomic operator station with twin joysticks for precise, accurate cuts. The device also has a patented guillotine-cutting system that delivers a safer amount.

The 1620 SS was developed by Multitek North America, LLC, based in Prentice, Wisconsin. Founded by a forest industry pioneer, Leo Heikkinen, the company currently sells its products throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Multitek launched 1620 on June 15, 2010, in the United States and Canada. It is the fastest wood processor on the market.


Regarding wood processing, the RRS Beaver is the fastest machine around. Its 18 BAB model is equipped with various features to help you meet your needs. For example, it has a log cutter that can chop logs between 23 and 55 cm in length. It also has a spiral blade cutter that produces a consistent cut without sacrificing power efficiency. Its wide conveyor belt helps prevent jamming. Its high performance and ease of use make it an excellent choice for large wood processing operations.

The New 2022 Model 18 BAB is bigger and stronger than its predecessor. Its power is a Kohler CH999 gas engine or Kubota 902 diesel engine. Its Saw and Harvester Combination are equipped with Parker VOAC 7135-rpm saw motors. This machine cuts an 18-inch hardwood log in just three or four seconds.

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Beaver dams are a crucial element of the beaver cycle in streams, as they act as an additional disturbance in the riparian corridor. This disruption is the desired outcome in many restoration projects. And for a good reason. Those restoring natural habitats must consider the impact on beavers.

The Beaver’s cuttings accumulate on 51% of point bars along Odell Creek, which shows how widespread the process is. Similar accumulations were observed in Red Rock Creek and the East Fork of Blacktail Deer Creek. These results are consistent with those of earlier studies. These results are a testament to the rapid development of the wood processing industry.


The Timberwolf firewood processor has an average cycle time of about 3.5 seconds on its giant machine. The machine is hand-cut in the United States and is made of US-sourced components. Its patented guillotine-cutting system reduces maintenance costs and increases machine productivity. It also features a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw. Depending on the size of the log, the Timberwolf can process between two and three cords an hour.

The PRO-MP XL firewood processor weighs approximately 5,750 pounds. It is designed to be operated by a single worker. Its patented Top Roll clamping system and roller guide allow it to handle logs as large as 14′ in diameter. It also has a hydraulic cut-off saw that cuts wood in less than six seconds. A 36 HP Yanmar engine powers it. Timberwolf also manufactures firewood conveyors.

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The Timberwolf Pro-HD XL firewood processor was designed by Matt Timmins, the owner of Timberwolf Equipment Company, a company that sells firewood processing equipment. The company recently revamped its designs to stay competitive in the marketplace. The company initially employed 12-15 people but now uses more than 30 as it grows.

The company also plans to expand its dealer network. It has a strong presence in New York, New England, and the Northeast, but is now expanding its reach to the mid-Atlantic, the Great Lakes region, and the West. The company is interested in partnering with small tractor dealerships to boost its sales.

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