How to Make a Blockbuster Wood Processor

Essential tools to build a blockbuster wood processor

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or have limited experience, the essential tools you’ll need to make a blockbuster wood processor are relatively easy to find. You’ll need a cutting saw, grinder, drill machine, and essential hand tools like spanners and wrenches. You’ll also need various power input components, including hydraulics or electric power. Consider a PTO-driven system if you’re using the wood processor regularly.

You’ll need some essential tools when you’re ready to start building. These tools include a saw, grinder, drill machine, and various hand tools such as spanners, wrenches, and hammers. You’ll also need plans and essential tools to assemble your blockbuster wood processor. Once you’ve completed the design, you’ll be able to make it a professional-quality machine that produces a consistent quality product.

You’ll also need a log splitter or log cutter. These machines are used to split logs in half. These machines typically have a steel plate with a sharp edge on one side. Once the record has been broken, the cutter spins the log around, yielding four or six pieces. When choosing a machine, you’ll need to consider your log’s diameter and size. The ideal machine will split logs into eight to twelve parts.


Blockbuster, a company that manufactures firewood processors, offers several different sizes. You can also get a machine that is customized for your specific needs. The company has been manufacturing firewood processors for over 28 years and offers eight sizes and configurations. There are stationary and portable models. They also provide gas, diesel, and electric engines. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a right or left-hand-operated model.


The functions of a blockbuster wood processor are many and varied. Different markets require different types of processing. For instance, people who heat their homes with sizeable outside wood boilers will need large hardwood pieces. On the other hand, those who cook and bake over a wood fire will need smaller amounts of fast-burning softwood. A large machine is usually required to cater to both needs. The device’s size also depends on the species of logs to be processed.

You will need power tools like a grinder, saw, and drill to assemble a firewood processor. You will also need some hand tools like wrenches and spanners. You can even buy commercial plans if you need to gain experience in building them. These plans are available at Hudson and Blockbuster. You can also choose your power input components, which can be electric, hydraulic, or PTO driven.

Customer list

Blockbuster has been manufacturing firewood processors for over 30 years and continually improving its products. Tim Batey, the company’s owner, has been manufacturing firewood processors for a long time. He has taken feedback from his customers and made improvements to his firewood processors that help the company meet the marketplace’s demands.

The company’s website may include third-party features requiring users’ personal information, such as email addresses or mailing addresses. They may also ask for financial information related to movie queues. These third-party features may also allow Blockbuster to provide information about the types of products that User rents or purchases through their services.

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