How to Measure the Dimensions of a Cord of Wood

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What is a Dimensions Cord of Wood?

A dimensions cord of wood is a quantity of wood that measures 128 cubic feet and is equivalent to a stack of wood 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep. This measurement is commonly used to measure firewood and is the standard legal measure for firewood in the US and Canada. One dimension cord of wood is equivalent to a full or half cord, depending on the size of the logs. This quantity of wood is usually sold by the cord and is commonly used for home heating, construction projects, and other activities that require large amounts of wood.

If you’re building a small wooden house or are planning to start a wood burning fireplace, it’s important to know the dimensions of a cord of wood. Cords of wood are a common measurement unit for firewood and pulpwood. People buy wood for a variety of reasons, from lighting their fireplaces to making tiny wooden houses. To make the most of your wood purchases, it’s helpful to know the dimensions of a cord of logs.

Stack of wood based on 4′ height

A cord is a unit of dry volume used to measure firewood and pulpwood in the U.S. and Canada. It is one hundred eighty cubic feet or 3.62 cubic meters of wood. It corresponds to a woodpile that is four feet high and four feet deep. There are many ways to measure a cord of wood.

A cord of wood is made up of four eight-foot long pieces of wood. Each individual piece measures approximately 16 inches in diameter, so a cord of wood would be based on four feet of height, six feet in width, and four feet in depth. A cord is approximately half the height of a standard truck bed, which is about four feet tall and eight feet long. To fit four foot tall logs into a standard Ford F-250 bed, you would have to split them even further.

Stack of wood based on 4′ Height A cord is equal to one hundred eighty cubic feet of wood stacked tightly. Firewood is normally cut into sixteen-inch lengths, which is conveniently divisible by three for four feet depth. To calculate the height of a cord of wood, use a calculator to enter the dimensions of your stack in feet.

When buying firewood, be sure to ask the seller about the size of the pile. Also, make sure you ask the seller about the moisture content of the wood. Kiln-dried firewood is often larger than seasoned firewood.

Stack of wood based on 4′ depth

A good way to store firewood is to build a pile that is at least four feet deep. It’s important to choose a sturdy pile so that it doesn’t wobble when you push on it. If the woodpile starts to wobble, you should add smaller pieces of wood to strengthen it. A popular shape is a shaker woodpile, where the top and bottom layers of wood stick together and spiral out, with bigger gaps at the opposite end. This shape is especially useful if you have logs that are oddly shaped.

A cord of wood typically contains 128 cubic feet of wood. The amount of solid wood in a cord varies, but the average cord of firewood contains about eighty percent solid wood. Firewood is generally cut to an average length of 16 inches. This length makes it easy to calculate the width and depth of a pile based on a four-foot depth.

A half-cord of wood is approximately 64 cubic feet. Similarly, a four-foot-deep stack of wood should be four feet high. Depending on the size of the pieces, the depth will vary. Stacking wood loosely will take up more space than a stack of wood that is tightly packed. For this reason, you should always ask the vendor to stack the wood before unloading it.

Stack of wood based on four feet deep is called a rick. Stacks of wood can be as tall as 16 feet high. They vary in length depending on the seller and region. For most wood stoves, a 12-inch rick is a quarter cord.