Howard Forge Wood Processor

If you’re looking to make the most of your woodworking project, a Howard Forge wood processor is an excellent choice. This durable and versatile piece can be used for a number of different applications. It features a variety of settings and includes a built-in grinder. This unit weighs thirteen pounds.


Recently, we received a custom knife request from Tony Lasuer, who offered to create it using CruForgeV. We’re not knifemakers, so our opinions are limited, but we still want to know what this wood processor can do. So, we asked you for your opinions about this processor.

The CruForgeV went through several iterations during its development. We began by using lab sized ingots to determine the best steel composition. This initial composition was a high carbon and low vanadium steel (tennium-vanadium). However, we found that it was difficult to harden. The higher the carbon content, the less hardening the steel.

The alloy CruForgeV was developed by Crucible with the intention of being easy to heat treat and forge. Its carbon content is comparable to that of other 1% carbon forging steels, but less compared to Blue #1 and V-Toku1. The alloy also contains a small percentage of vanadium carbides, which makes it more resistant to wear. CruForgeV is also similar to O1 in that its hardness and wear resistance are comparable.


The 18 SCP-D is ideal for any size operation, whether you’re a start-up or full-time producer. Its 24 HP Kohler diesel and custom-built 4″ cylinder with high-speed return and multiple-wedge option make it the fastest and most efficient compact processor ever built.

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