Hudson Wood Processors

What is a Hudson Wood Processor?

A Hudson Wood Processor is a heavy-duty machine designed to quickly and efficiently turn large pieces of wood into smaller, more manageable chips and mulch. It is equipped with a powerful motor and blades that can cut through any type of wood, making it ideal for quickly preparing firewood, wood chips, and other wood products. It is also equipped with a large hopper, allowing it to process large amounts of wood in a single pass. The Hudson Wood Processor is an essential tool for anyone looking to quickly turn large pieces of wood into usable chips and mulch.

A Hud-Son wood processor is a versatile piece of equipment that can process saw or skid logs. With a chip separator, it can process one cord of logs per hour. Alternatively, a larger machine can process as many as 20′ logs per hour.

Hud-Son’s Badger Firewood Processor

The Hud-Son Badger Firewood Processor is a powerful piece of equipment designed for residential and small business use. It features an electric start engine and two-stage hydraulic pump to split logs up to 24 inches. The machine is easy to transport, set up, and use. It is suitable for both commercial and residential uses and is made in the USA. The machine comes with a warranty and is priced in US dollars.

The Hud-Son Badger Firewood Processor processes up to a full cord of firewood an hour and has several features to help you process your firewood faster. It skids the firewood to make the job easier, splits it into small chunks, and has a chip separation tray. A small model can process up to one cord of firewood an hour, and larger machines can process up to 20 feet of logs per hour.

Depending on your skill level, you can build a firewood processor yourself, but it’s important to follow safety instructions and read the manual carefully. You’ll need basic power tools, such as a cutting saw, a grinder, and a drill machine. Basic hand tools are also essential, including spanners and wrenches. Alternatively, you can purchase a commercial plan for a firewood processor. Hudson and Blockbuster both offer plans.

The Hudson’s Badger Firewood Processor is a powerful piece of equipment for a home or light commercial application. Its 21hp Briggs engine and multiple hydraulic pumps can process two to four cords an hour. It is portable and user-friendly, making it a great choice for those who need to process logs.

Multitek SFP18 firewood processor

The Multitek SFP18 Hudson firewood processor is a powerful tool for the processing of firewood. This piece of equipment is manufactured by Multitek in Prentice, Wis. Its design makes it easy to use, and it will process up to 18 cords of firewood an hour. This firewood processor is an efficient and easy to use machine that can increase your production and improve your profit margins.

Multitek built this machine with heavy-duty alloy steel tubing. It also features a unique in-feed shuttle grapple carriage. The result is a firewood processor that’s capable of splitting and bucking low-grade hardwood logs up to 20 inches in diameter. The multi-functional unit features a fully automated log handling system, which allows for faster and more efficient processing.

The Multitek SFP18 firewood processor has a 14-horsepower electric start engine, a two-stage hydraulic pump, and a wide range of speeds and horsepower. It can split logs up to 24 inches long and is easily portable and can be set up with an ATV. Josh Ross’s Multitek SFP18 Hudson wood processor is a great tool for small wood businesses and homesteaders alike, and the company has a solid reputation for quality machines.

Josh’s multi-function skid-steer Multitek SFP18 Hudson wood processor is a powerful piece of equipment for small yards. This model can split, skid, and split logs and includes a chip separator. It processes one cord of firewood in an hour, and can operate from a skid steer cab. A larger version of the SFP18 Hudson can process up to 20′ logs in an hour.

Little Brute firewood processor

The Hudson wood processor Little Brute is a versatile machine that is capable of handling logs up to 18 inches in diameter. With a 21 horsepower Briggs engine, the Little Brute can produce one to two cords per hour. Multiple hydraulic pumps and controls provide ease of operation. The processor is designed to handle a variety of tasks, from splitting logs to cutting logs to the desired length. It also features a hydraulic log loader, log feed, hydraulic log clamp and hydraulic saw. It also boasts a high productivity, low operating costs, and reduced maintenance.

The Hudson wood processor Little Brute is an entry-level model, and features a robust design that makes it easy to transport. The Little Brute is the perfect size for a small or home business. A standard feature set includes manual saw head positioning and 13 feet of cutting capacity. If you are looking for something more powerful, you can choose the Brute Force 24-30 HD.

Using a wood processor is a great way to reduce your waste. These machines are versatile and can split two-way and four-way logs. They can also be outfitted with a hydraulic lift, so they can be easily integrated into a backhoe or big tractor.

The HFP160 Firewood Pro is one of the best small firewood processors available today. This machine can split logs into rounds of four, six, or eight pieces – depending on the size of the logs. It is also compact, meaning one person can operate it from the loader cab.

Hud-Son’s HWP-140B

The HWP-140B wood processor from Halverson Wood Products is a versatile firewood processor for the home. It can process one to two cords per hour and is easy to transport and store. It also features an easy attach/disconnect feature that makes it ideal for residential or light commercial use. This processor is available from Halverson Wood Products in Pine River, MN. Its cab design allows the operator to perform wood cutting and splitting tasks while in the cab.


The HWP-150 is a skid-steer mounted firewood processor by Halverson Wood Products. It’s designed for light commercial and residential use. It can be mounted to a skid steer or excavator and processes 1-2 cords per hour. It also comes with a quick-attach and detach system so it can be stored easily.

A.J.’s Firewood Business sells firewood in pallets, processes logs on-site for customers, and delivers bundles to a state park. Firewood is wrapped by hand in a Hudson firewood wrapper and packaged by hand. He also rents a Halverson firewood processor and a Bobcat to complete the job.