Hydraulic Chainsaw For Wood Processor

A hydraulic chainsaw is a powerful tool that is used to cut wood. The EcoPro300 is a powerful hydraulic saw with various safety features. It has safety cages around all action areas and a log hold-down lever that helps keep a log securely in place while cutting. Once the record has been cut, it will drop into the splitter automatically. Additionally, the two-leg front support helps to maintain balance while operating.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro hydraulic chain saw for the wood processor is designed for effective firewood processing and was developed in close collaboration with firewood professionals worldwide. Its innovative functions and high-performance hydraulics ensure superior performance in all conditions. Its 55-cm HakkiMultiBlade splitter enables you to process up to eight logs into smaller pieces. It also features automatic hydraulic height adjustment, which ensures consistent quality firewood.

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro hydraulic chain saw is a professional-grade machine that’s a perfect choice for any size of business. The device is designed for high productivity, uninterrupted material flow, and a high-quality end product. It has two attachments: the XL Conveyor and HakkiFeed 472.

The 55 Pro is easy to operate and features a modern data monitoring system. Its monitor screen displays important machine data such as productivity and process efficiency. You can also see in real-time what type of splitter and safety covers your machine is using. This means you can make adjustments accordingly and have the most effective process. You can also adjust the chainsaw’s bar height according to your needs.

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro hydraulic chain saw for wood processors has an automatic chain oil system for smoother operation. It also has a delay-free half-stroke function, allowing you to split short firewood quickly. The HakkiSplit(TM) splitting system includes an automatic chain tensioner and an electric chain oil pump. The HakkiSplit(TM) splitting system is also very lightweight and has five active safety covers.

Range Road EcoPro300

The Range Road EcoPro300 hydraulic chainsaw for processing wood is a powerful machine loaded with features. Its powerful engine can cut, split, and pull a cord of firewood per hour. It also has a safety cage around the action area and a log hold-down lever to keep a log in place while cutting it with the hydraulic chainsaw. The height-adjustable two-leg front support is excellent for maintaining balance while operating the chainsaw.

The EcoPro300 features a powerful hydraulic chainsaw and an 18-inch Harvester chain. The machine’s automatic regeneration system means that the saw will run smoothly for a long time without needing to be refueled. It also features a 14-foot shuttle table and a PTO drive for easy mobility. It is a commercial-grade machine but also an excellent choice for home users. It can split up to 13-inch logs and process a firewood cord per hour.

Continental 480

The Continental 480 hydraulic chainsaw for the wood processor is one of the most potent wood processors on the market. It features a 48-cm cutting diameter and a splitting force of 22 tons. It has a single joystick for easy control, an OREGON Armor bar, and a 404 pitch chain. The chain and guide bar are accessible at the rear through a dedicated opening. The chain can be hydraulically rotated right or extended five meters.

A firewood processor hydraulic chainsaw kit enables you to operate the firewood processor without a manual cutting arm. This saw works with a low-pressure hydraulic power source and is often used from an elevated work platform. The hydraulic chainsaw is also usually operated by external machineries, such as a pump or a diesel engine. Compared to manual saws, hydraulic chainsaws can cut more logs in a shorter time.

Woodcutter 400

The Fuelwood Woodcutta 400 hydraulic chainsaw is a high-performance wood processor with a wide range of capabilities. Its large bore and two-inch rod provide powerful sawing capabilities. It features a 24-inch stroke and can split long logs into four, six, or twelve pieces at once. It also has a highway wheel package with lights and a two-inch ball.

Hydraulic chainsaws require less maintenance and are faster. Their chain bar remains sharp most of the time. Hydraulic chainsaws are also quieter than conventional circular saws. They can easily cut through large logs and are much faster. They are also cheaper than circular saws.

A firewood processor can be upgraded to a hydraulic chainsaw by adding an optional hydraulic saw kit. The kit replaces the manual cutting arm with a control lever and is equipped with one hydraulic cylinder. It also includes hydraulic hoses and fittings. A hydraulic chainsaw is more productive and can work for longer hours.

Fuelwood’s range of firewood processors is the largest in the UK. It includes 16 and 17-inch circular saws, chainsaws, and log splitters. A Kindle Pro can cut logs into consistent rings. The Woodcutter 400 can also be used to split timber to make kindling or split logs.

The hydraulic system is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It is also portable and versatile. Operating costs and productivity levels are meager. An ergonomic operator station and an auto-retracting splitter make it easy to use. Moreover, the saw teeth can be changed with the machine, a patent-pending feature.