Benefits of a Hydraulic Log Lifter

Before purchasing a hydraulic log lifter, it is essential to understand the various safety features. Generally, a log lifter’s frame should not be elevated above 30 degrees horizontally. To avoid this, end stops are secured to the edge. This prevents the log loader from over-extending, resulting in a safety risk.


A STRYKER hydraulic log lifter offers several benefits for your outdoor projects. The company’s log splitters are built with reinforced stops and frictionless Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene slides for safety and ease of use. They can be used to split logs up to 48 inches in diameter. A STRYKER hydraulic log lift is available for sale in various locations.

These log splitters are highly durable and can be operated with low hydraulic flow rates. They can be interchanged in under 15 seconds. The Stryker can be used with a standard or extended wedge, depending on the application. Aftermarket replacements are available, including new switches and a user control board.

A hydraulic log lifter is an optional feature of most log splitters. It’s beneficial when the logs are heavy or must be lifted significantly. The hydraulic lifter consists of a hydraulic cylinder, lifter assembly, and quickly attached ends. These can be added to your log splitter when you order them or purchased separately.

A hydraulic log lifter can be used to lift logs from the ground or in a standing position. It can handle records up to 30 inches in diameter and is road-towable. These log lifters are best for splitting large, knotted logs. If you are using a hydraulic log lifter to split logs, wear proper safety gear and operate it with a skilled operator.


If you need a log lifter that is easy to use, Split-Fire has just the machine for you. It is made of heavy-duty steel and has a capacity of 500 pounds. It doubles as a work table when it is in its horizontal position. The lifter kit includes the table, hoses, brackets, hydraulic ram, and control valve.

Split-Fire wood splitters are known for their reliability, heavy-duty construction, and long life. These log lifters are ideal for homeowners and professionals and are available for rental in many parts of North America. They can split a 36″ diameter log in nine to eleven seconds. You can also purchase an upgraded model with a higher-powered Honda GX200 engine.

Split-Fire 3407 skid steer wood splitters utilize the power of a skid steer to split logs up to 36 inches in diameter. It features an interchangeable wedge and a two-way knife for maximum versatility and efficiency. The splitter can be operated independently or mounted to a tractor with a 3pt hitch. This machine is easy to use and has a low maintenance cost.

This two-way splitter allows the operator to split logs on forward and reverse strokes, doubling productivity. Its design also prevents records from shooting out unexpectedly. In addition, the split bed includes shelves to prevent logs from falling out of the split bed.


The Japa(r) 365 hydraulic log lifter is a versatile, professional-grade machine. The Japa 365 features a powered in-feed conveyor and a hydraulic outtake, making it easy to fill truck beds or wood crates. The device has a max cutting length of 23.6 inches and can handle logs with a diameter of up to 14 inches. Its hydraulics are designed for professional-grade use and allow simultaneous cutting and splitting. The machine’s pleasant sound is a testament to the engineering that goes into its design.

The Japa hydraulic log lifter allows you to transfer logs into a firewood processor quickly. It is compatible with many firewood processors, from primary machines to more advanced ones. The Japa hydraulic log lifter is solid, durable, and easily fits onto a timber deck. It is also foldable for easy transport.

Aside from being lightweight and durable, the Japa 365 also features a positive log stopper. The stopper adjusts to the length of the log and then moves out of the way when the saw comes down. This ensures that the record doesn’t get stuck. This makes the job easier and safer.

The Japa(r) hydraulic log lifter is a versatile machine for logging and other woodworking applications. It is easy to use and does not draw pressure from the log splitter’s hydraulic system. It also uses a side-mounted winch system, so it does not remove energy from the log splitter’s hydraulic system. The Japa 365+ Pro version has multiple quality improvements over the basic model.

Northern Tools

A hydraulic log lifter can make hauling more oversized items a breeze. Northern Tools has many different lifters to meet your hauling needs. Its GX390 engine is one of the best on the market and will easily power up larger loads. It also has various attachments to help you lift your logs.

The log lifter is an excellent addition to any log-splitting machine. It allows you to set up your logs on either side of the device, reducing the time you spend walking and slicing the logs. The log lifter also has a log cradle, which ensures your records won’t fall off the machine.

Japa(r) 495

The Japa(r) 495 hydraulic log lifter is a brand-new firewood processor with a hydraulic pusher and adjustable knife for consistent log size and clean output. It also features a lubrication pump and joystick for control of the functions. This firewood processor is perfect for hot tubs, saunas, and other wood-burning appliances.

The Japa 495 hydraulic log lifter is a high-performance firewood processor that meets the latest European legislation regarding safety. It is also capable of processing large timber. The hydraulic log lifter on all Japa log splitters allows for easy handling of logs up to 80 cm in diameter. It also has a durable splitting table to prevent records from falling to the ground while processing.