John Deere Chomper Wood Processor

What is Chomper Wood Processor John Deere?

Chomper Wood Processor John Deere is a powerful and efficient machine designed to quickly and easily turn felled trees into usable lumber. It features a robust design and powerful engine to quickly and accurately turn logs into usable lumber and mulch. It has a large cutting capacity and a variety of features, including a reversible saw blade, auto shut-off, and an automatic feed system. This wood processor is perfect for small-scale woodworking projects and can easily handle larger projects as well. It is easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for any woodworker.

In 2005, the Chomper Super-14 was added to the Rainier Hydraulics lineup. This machine was redesigned to produce more horsepower and a faster cycle time. It features a shear cutting system that does not use high-speed rotating parts. In addition, it is more economical and features joystick controls.


The self-powered, self-propelled Chomper is a self-propelled wood processor that makes quick work of chopping and processing logs. It can process a 16-foot log in about two minutes, and each cut will require five to fifteen seconds. It cuts logs up to 14 inches in diameter. The Chomper operates at ground level, eliminating the need for lifting and loading logs individually. Logs feed directly into the machine, so no sawdust is produced.

The Chomper Super-14 is a high-quality machine with shear cutting action that cuts wood up to 14 inches in diameter. The machine has a John Deere 60-hp turbo-diesel engine and an optional PC-20 conveyor. In addition, it uses a Rainier Hydraulics hydraulic shear to cut logs, and there is no sawdust or maintenance required.

PTO powered

If you’re in the market for a new firewood processor, you should consider a PTO powered one. These devices can be moved around your yard, which is great if you plan on using it for contracting work. The PTO powered models can also handle up to 16” diameter logs. And, if you’re looking for an even faster processor, you can choose a PTO firewood processor with automatic controls.

These machines are capable of processing up to 4 cords of wood per hour. Typically, a 16-foot log can be processed in under two minutes. In addition, they can be loaded into a wagon or truck with optional conveyors. In addition, the self-powered models require logs to be at least 14 inches in diameter. Because each cut requires an operator to operate, the cycle time ranges from five to fifteen seconds.

The PTO powered chomper wood processor is very convenient to use. It takes up a relatively small amount of space in the shed and is easy to move. Furthermore, this firewood processor is reliable and safe to use in any weather condition. Its preheater feature starts up even in -4 degrees and heats up within minutes. Moreover, it does not require any yearly maintenance.

The PTO firewood processor has a low initial purchase price. But this price is only a small part of the total life cycle cost of the product. Its lower resale value and operating efficiency make it less expensive than comparable models. However, PTO firewood processors are not as efficient as engine-driven firewood processors.

16 ft. long

A 16 ft. long log can be processed in under two minutes using a self-powered chomper. For more efficient processing, this wood processor can be fitted with a pto or 80 hp diesel engine. The machine can cut up to 14-inch logs. It takes about five to fifteen seconds per cut to process a log.

The Chomper uses a shear cutting action to split a log into four pieces. It can also be fitted with a conveyor to help with loading. If you use the optional conveyor, you can easily load the split log into a truck or wagon. Then, using a cable winch, you pull the log up against the closed shear blade. Once the blade is fully opened, the log is moved backward until it reaches the desired length. The shear blade is made from special heat-treated steel. It cuts the log almost through. It then pulls the log forward onto the splitter head, which splits the wood into four pieces.

Another advantage of the Chomper is its self-powered processing action. It can cut up to two cords an hour. It can handle small limbs, stems, slabs, and other materials. It doesn’t require heavy lifting and won’t cause sawdust.

Shear cutting action

Chomper wood processors are engineered with a shear cutting action, which breaks logs down into smaller pieces. This process breaks down cell fibers and forces water out of a log. The process can handle logs up to 14 inches in diameter. Chomper wood processors are available in a variety of sizes and power sources, including self-powered and pto versions. Some models have an automatic setting for cutting logs.

A single operator can operate a Chomper wood processor, which can process two to four cords of wood per hour. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic winch, so it can process logs safely at ground level. Chomper wood processors are available from a variety of manufacturers and cost two to four hundred dollars. Chomper wood processors are ideal for processing large volumes of wood, as the shear cutting action processes logs to the desired size in five to 15 seconds. Bob owns one of these machines and pulls it with his Ford F15 pickup. The Chomper’s single-person operation and mobility are two of Bob’s main concerns.