John Deere Wood Processor Dashboard

If you are looking for a wood processor, you might want to consider the TW-PRO HD XL. This machine will handle any type of wood with ease. Its streamlined design makes it easy to operate, and its easy-to-use dashboard will help you keep track of all the details.

TW-PRO HD XL firewood processor

The TW-PRO HD XL fire wood processor is designed to split logs faster than cutting, for maximum output. Its 4.5 second cycle time helps you process wood faster for a fire. It also features a 74 HP John Deere diesel engine, hydraulic oil cooler, and electric autocycle. In addition, the machine comes with an operator seat and other features to make it more comfortable for you.

XL firewood processor

If you are looking for a firewood processor that cuts and splits wood efficiently, then consider the John Deere XL. This machine has a low cycle time of 4.5 seconds and is powered by a 74 HP John Deere diesel engine. It also has a hydraulic oil cooler and a comfortable operator seat.

It has a hydraulic log splitter with a hydraulic drive and can cut up to 10″ diameter logs. It is also road-towable and includes a spare blade. Another firewood processor that will work well with your tractor is the Forcat. This machine weighs 1.83 tons and is ideal for low-impact timber extraction. It has an 80-foot cable with a choke chain.

This machine is 240v and runs on a 3 pin outlet. It can produce 50 3kg nets an hour. It costs PS450 per week to hire and includes delivery, collection, and an operator. It is an efficient and cost-effective piece of kit, but you should be aware of the delivery cost and the spare splitting wedges.

Another firewood processor that is available for sale is the Hakki Pilke 1×42 firewood processor. This machine is equipped with a three-point lift and can be transported easily by a medium-sized tractor. It features a self-cleaning output conveyor and is easy to move. Its patented two-cylinder technology makes it possible to cut wood up to 40 cm in diameter. It can also split a log into two, four, six, eight, or twelve pieces. This machine weighs just over a thousand kilograms.

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