Lafont SS500 Wood Processor Review

The Lafont SS500 wood processor is a powerful woodworking tool that can chop up large logs and produce high-quality woodworking products. It is made in the USA and ships fully assembled. It also comes with a one-year warranty. It shares many of the same features as the other machines in the Wood-Mizer family.

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Japa 365+ Pro

Japa is a Finnish company that makes a wide variety of quality firewood processors. They use parts that are designed to last and are easy to use. Their innovative designs help them operate more efficiently and safely than ever. The Japa 365 features several safety features, including an automatic log stopper that adjusts to the length of the cut. This prevents the saw from running in an unintended direction and helps ensure a uniform cut length every time.

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The Japa 365+ Pro comes standard with a powered in-feed and out-feed conveyor. This allows it to fill wood crates or truck beds with the logs it cuts. The Japa 365+ Pro also features a hydraulic log lift that helps raise logs onto the machine. This feature, coupled with the feed roller, also helps move the logs into the cutting chamber.

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