Little Beaver Parts

Little Beaver has a wide range of parts. These range from the torque tube assembly to the square drive auger to the Convertible to wood or concrete drill. To buy the exact parts you need, click on the links below. All of the features are official Little Beaver parts. This means you can be sure that your drill will function properly.

Torque tube assembly

The Torque Tube Assembly is a part used in Little Beaver hydraulic earth drills. Below you will find the assembly instructions, as well as links to all of the available OEM parts. You can trust these parts because they are official Little Beaver parts. The assembly for this particular drill is approximately 69 inches long.

This torque tube assembly allows you to attach the little Beaver to any piece of equipment that has an auxiliary hydraulic connection. The Little Beaver Tripod Kit can drill up to 35 feet deep and has a quick set-up mechanism that makes it easy to remove the drill if necessary. The Little Beaver Tripod Kit is designed to be operated by one person or two.

The Little Beaver’s torque-free drilling system is an excellent feature compared to other mechanical and hydraulic earth drills. Besides providing safety and convenience, it also reduces the risk of kickback. Transferring kickback to the engine carriage will have a much safer exercise. The torque-free system also eliminates the need for two operators, allowing for faster job completion.

Square drive auger

The Little Beaver auger adapter allows you to use 1-1/4″ Square Drive augers with your Ground Hog power unit. The adapter includes an attachment pin and clip that will enable you to attach the drill to your Ground Hog power unit. The adapter is available in four different sizes to suit your needs.

To start the drill:

  1. Pull in the throttle lever entirely.
  2. Let the exercise cut into the soil at full speed. You can also use a rigid pan or soft ground to help it cut into the earth.
  3. Once you have completed the hole, release the throttle lever and slowly lower the auger down the hole.

It would help if you never attempted to remove the drill from the spot while it was spinning.

The Little Beaver drill is ideal for digging holes. It features heavy-duty steel construction and first-class hydraulic components. It also features a Honda GX Commercial engine for reliable performance. It also comes with a powder-coated finish to protect it from the elements. Its unique patented torque tube eliminates kickback and makes it safe for one person to operate.

Convertible to wood or concrete drill

Whether you’re working in your garden, on a fence, or need a wood or concrete drill for a job, you can turn your Little Beaver earth drill into a versatile tool. Little Beaver parts are easily interchangeable and come with adapters to make other brands of augers work with your Little Beaver drill.

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