Lil Beaver 16 Wood Processor

The Wood Beaver Model 16 wood processor is the perfect workhorse for a small firewood processing business. Owners Troy and Beth Modschiedler say the machine is easy to operate and runs well. It is also a woman and operator-friendly machine. They like the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of training to get started.

Multitek’s Model 18 BAB

The Model 18 BAB is the next evolution of the Little Beaver 16. The 18 BAB is more powerful, bigger, and reliable than the original. Powered by a Kohler CH999 gas or Kubota 902 diesel engine, it features a 404 18H 24″ proper harvester combination, which allows you to split an 18″ hardwood log in about three to four seconds. It also features a Parker VOAC hydraulic saw motor and runs at 7,100 RPM.

The Model 18 BAB firewood processor can process a full cord of firewood per hour. Its hydraulic saw has a 4.5-second cycle time, a sawdust clean-out chute, and protective lockout covers. It is also woman-friendly, with a safety guard and a convenient cleaning system.

The Beaver 1 Model 18 BAB splits an 18-inch hardwood log in three to four seconds. It comes standard with the engine of your choice and a live or dead deck for feeding logs. It is fast and easy to move from one location to another.

Timberwolf’s PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor

The Timberwolf PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor is a single-operator firewood processor with a live deck; hydraulic cut-off saw, and patented Top Roll clamping system. This machine runs on a 36 HP Yanmar engine and features a conveyor to store processed firewood easily. The PRO-MP also has a six-way or 4-way wedge for easier log handling.

This firewood processor can grind up to a cord of wood in an hour and is an excellent option for homeowners, small-scale wood businesses, and farmers. The PRO-MP Beaver 1 Lil beetle 16 wood processor features a hydraulic winch for easy setup, and a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw that increases productivity. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. The machine is portable and manufactured by Rainier Hydraulics, a leader in firewood processing equipment.

The Beaver 1 model 18 BAB firewood processor is one of the most popular. The Beaver 1 Model 18 BAB is available with a chain and circular saw. Both models feature a Yanmar engine, live decks, and Timberwolf’s patented Top Roll clamping system. Moving to a different location is also easy so that you can process firewood anywhere on your property.

Multitek’s Model 16

If you’re looking for a wood processor that offers excellent performance, ease of use, and support, the Model 16 Lil Beaver is a perfect choice. Its patented guillotine-cutting system increases productivity and reduces maintenance. Its 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw handles log up to 16 inches in diameter. This wood processor is available in various sizes and with many customization options.

This firewood processor is designed for homeowners, farmers, and small wood businesses. It can split and process up to a cord of firewood in an hour. It features a two-stage hydraulic pump and a ten-horsepower engine. It can also break and process up to 12′ logs.

The Multitek Beaver 1 firewood processor has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance and serviceability. It’s easy to use and has a simple cleaning system. It is available in different models to handle different types of wood. A demo of the Model 18 firewood processor was demonstrated at the recent Richmond Expo. The manufacturer claims that it processes one to two cords an hour.

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