Log Deck For Wood Processor

A log deck for a wood processor is a platform for stacking and removing logs. These are then brought into a trough where they are sawn. A hydraulically operated chainsaw harvester bar or a large circular saw blade cuts the logs. Another type of saw used is a guillotine splitter, which splits the wood as it is cut.


The Range Road RR103 log deck for wood processors is one of the heaviest log tables available today. It is an excellent alternative to the popular RR102 live deck. When combined with an RR104 extension, the RR103 doubles the width and length capacity of a log table, increasing efficiency and productivity.

A well-designed log deck is crucial to the efficiency and productivity of the process. A poorly designed log deck will result in tedious, labor-intensive firewood processing. A log deck has several key elements that contribute to productivity and user ergonomics. Several home-made decks lack these features, which results in frequent filling, increased labor costs, and inefficiency. Additionally, improperly sized and curved logs can get stuck in the conventional infeeding chain, leading to production breaks. Furthermore, conventional infeeding grapples are inefficient, slow, and difficult to operate.

The RR103 log deck for wood processor is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. It features an adjustable knife for cutting the wood, and it is equipped with sensors for measuring output. Its dual-stage system, powered infeed conveyor, and 4-way wedge knife, make it an excellent choice for shared use.

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A properly designed log deck is a vital component of a firewood processor. The deck supports the weight of a log, and a poorly designed one will result in a slow and labor-intensive process. A poorly designed log deck also lacks the features necessary for high productivity and user ergonomics. A poorly designed log deck often requires frequent filling, which eats up valuable time and raises labor costs. The deck can also become jammed with multiple logs, causing production breaks. Furthermore, logs with curved edges or knots can get caught in the conventional infeeding chain. Lastly, infeeding grapples are slow and difficult to operate.

The RR104 log deck doubles the load capacity of the RR103 log table while adding a second live deck chain for increased log support. This log table comes with 4 leg supports and two log stops. Additionally, it also includes an additional #60 chain for additional log support. Combined with the RR103, the RR104 provides a total log load capacity of five logs and will improve the efficiency of your wood processing operations.

Built-Rite’s 16-24 firewood processor is one of the most powerful and affordable firewood processors on the market today. It is capable of processing two to 3.5 cords of firewood per hour. The log deck is adjustable to fit logs of any diameter up to 18 inches in diameter. The hydraulic saw and chain conveyor are operated by a hydraulic lever-type control.

A firewood processor should not only be able to produce the maximum amount of firewood possible, but it should be safe for workers and the environment. A Japa firewood processor should be able to withstand frequent use.

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The RR102 log deck is a hydraulic infeed table that fits any of our firewood processors, including the RR2000, RR20T, and RR27T. The table has an adjustable height and width and is easy to operate. This log deck is also compatible with the ECOPRO300.

Logs are stacked on the log deck, and then pulled into a trough for sawing. The logs are then sawn with a hydraulically operated chainsaw harvester bar or a large circular saw blade. This method is also called guillotine splitting, because the saw cuts the wood as it cuts it.

The 18 SCP is an ideal machine for a small operation or a part-time firewood producer. It can split and cut up to a full cord of wood per hour and features a seven-1/2-foot live deck. This wood processor is equipped with a custom hydraulic cylinder that allows it to split and cut logs up to 20 inches in diameter and 22 feet long. This wood processor also comes with a Multi-Wedge System for a faster, more efficient process.

The RR102 log deck for wood processor is designed to help you split firewood into the desired size and shape. It features sensors to measure wood output, which allows you to adjust the blade according to the size of the log. The wood chute, powered infeed conveyor, and guide plate make the machine easy to use, and the 4-way wedge knife allows you to easily and quickly cut smaller diameter logs.

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RR104 with Hydraulic Infeed

The Range Road RR104 with Hydraulic Infeed is a log table that doubles the load capacity of its predecessor, the RR103. It features an extra live deck chain and two additional rollers to help support the logs. The two machines can be used separately or in tandem for a double load capacity. Together, these two machines offer more flexibility for wood processors and increase their efficiency.

This hydraulic log transfer deck features a 3 tonne loading capacity, a 7.5-foot reversible infeed and hydraulic hoses. It is designed to connect to a firewood processor that has a hydraulic outlet. The machine also comes with star wheel rollers on both sides of the feed conveyor for safe feeding. The hydraulic log transfer deck, combined with the hydraulic infeed roller, reduces the need for heavy lifts and increases productivity and endurance.

A Japa 365+ Pro firewood processor is the best firewood processor for home or shared use. It has a 13.8′ wood chute, a powered infeed conveyor, and a 4-way wedge knife for quick cuts. Another Japa 365+ is a mobile machine. The Japa 365+ Pro has a hydraulic outfeed conveyor and is road-ready.

The RR104 with Hydraulic Infeed is a firewood processor with a two-speed hydraulic feed mechanism that feeds logs with ease. It can process up to two cords per hour and can handle up to 18” diameter logs. Moreover, it has a powerful thirteen-horsepower Honda engine and includes a hitch, highway subframe, and suspension axle for mobility.

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RR102 with Chain Log Advance

The RR102 with Chain Log Advance is a hydraulic log table that fits any Range Road firewood processor. Compatible with the RR2500, RR20T, and RR27PTO, it is easy to use and offers additional support for logs. The table features a height adjustment and dual lever controls.

The RR102 with Chain Log Advance is an easy to operate one-person machine that performs multiple tasks at the same time. The hydraulic action advances the log into the cutting position, and a safety stop prevents cutting into the sled during return. The conveyor automatically moves the cut firewood to the hopper and to multiple containers. The optional log loader adds convenience and flexibility to the process.

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