Logrite Wood Processor

You’re not alone if you’re considering purchasing a Logrite wood processor. The Firewoodinator is ergonomic and helps you make firewood quickly and efficiently. It’s also equipped with a kinetic splitter that lets you get every log into the perfect size for burning. The Firewoodinator has several unique features, including log loading, chunk picking, and yarding. Unlike other processors, it has no limits on the size of logs, meaning you can cut them to any length. Other processors may have a diameter limit, but the Firewoodinator’s No Limits feature means that you can process any size log. It’s compatible with a 110-volt house current.

Logrite hookaroon

Logrite offers a hookaroon wood processor that professional wood processors use. The hookaroon features a blue handle to make it easier to identify. Its zinc-plated, heat-treated point is easy to grip and is available in two lengths. The hookaroon is a versatile tool that can be used in various situations.

This tool has a smaller handle than a peavey, making it easy to handle and split logs. The handle is designed to be ergonomic and is made of durable materials to withstand heavy use. Its handle is easy to clean and has a built-in safety device to prevent injury.

Another popular option for moving wood is the picaroon. This tool has a slight bend at the tip, allowing the user to pick up and move wood quickly. It’s most often used for moving firewood and pulpwood. Its speed and ability to bite into wood make it an excellent tool for moving small woodlots.

To pull slabs, the hookaroon from LogRite is excellent. Its 30″ size makes it easy to use, and its heat-treated zinc-plated point makes it easy to see. The hookaroon also has a textured rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold.

Price is another factor that plays a part in the purchase of hook rooms. Depending on your budget, you can choose a tool between $45 and $130. It is essential to buy a comfortable hookaroon that does not cause you to squat. Also, consider a model with a long handle to avoid bending over.

Logrite cant hooks

LogRite cant hooks are a great way to move logs and can be found in many sizes and models. They have a small toe hook at the end that gives you a second biting edge for a better grip on your log. LogRite cant hooks are also available in different handle strengths and lengths, which make them perfect for your specific needs. The 36″ cant hook works well for moving logs 8″-32″ diameter, and the 42″ is an excellent choice for sawmill operations. These log-handling tools also come in a 48″ model, which combines good leverage and ease of use.

When you are ready to purchase Logrite cant hooks, you can visit Desertcart to purchase your item. The site ships to 164 countries and offers free shipping to all its customers. The site is safe to buy from and provides fast delivery. You can be assured that your purchase is safe with desertcart since they use the latest technologies to protect your information.

LogRite cant hooks are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum to ensure a robust and comfortable grip. They also feature zinc-plated themes for durability. Unlike wooden cant hooks, they feature toe hooks for an extra biting edge. A comfortable rubber handle grip is also included. These hooks are made with input from sawyers, which makes them a superior option for firewood processor decks.

LogRite cant hooks are ideal for moving logs from one location to another. These hooks are available in two-person models. They have a 1.75″ handle and are compatible with Universal Log Stand. They can take logs up to 16 inches in diameter.

Logrite cant hooks are similar to peaveys, but cant hooks are longer and provide more leverage when moving larger or heavier logs. Some cant hooks are also shorter, which can be helpful when working with records elevated in equipment. An essential toolkit should have two cant hooks.

Logrite measuring and control system

The Logrite measuring and control system for wood processors is designed for easy use. These systems are available in four different sizes. For example, the 36″ cant hook works excellent as a pivoting handle and works well with logs ranging from 8 to 32 inches in diameter. The 42″ hook is a versatile choice for moving logs, with good leverage and ease of use.

The H-16 system, compatible with various measuring and control tools, provides connectivity and precise head control. It also offers real-time information, including analytics and emails. It can display production and work statistics and offer advanced diagnostic capabilities. In addition, it supports a wide variety of standard and custom software applications.

The Japa 435 firewood processor is a professional-level firewood processor. It has a patented cleaning mechanism and a 20-inch bar for inputting thicker logs. It also features a hydraulic chainsaw and a 15-kW electric motor. A tractor-power takeoff option is also available.


The Firewoodinator is a high-performance firewood production station with an ergonomic design and an efficient kinetic splitter. This device can handle all types of firewood: chunk picking, log loading, and yarding. Unlike other processors, it has no log diameter limit—a 110-volt house current powers electric models.

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