LS 500 Wood Processor and FS500 Log Splitter

The LS 500 wood processor has a limited-slip center differential and a 1-year warranty. This wood processor also features a FS500 log splitter. The LS 500 comes with a Torsen(r) limited-slip center differential. You can select the desired driving mode with a switch on the handlebars. The LS 500 can be used in Eco, Normal, Comfort, Sport S+, and Custom modes. Its Torsen limited-slip center differential improves cornering stability. Its torque distribution is 31% front to 69% rear on dry roads, and 48% front to 52% rear on slick surfaces.

Torsen(r) limited-slip center differential

The Torsen limited-slip center differential for the LS 500 wood processor is a fully mechanical system. It uses worm gears and spur gears to connect the drive axles. When one wheel spins faster than the other, the worm gears turn in the opposite direction, sending more torque to the wheel that’s spinning slower. This system works just like an open differential, but without the hassle of routine maintenance.

The Torsen limited-slip center differential improves both on and off-road handling. Under normal driving conditions, the torque split between the front and rear axles is approximately 40:60. It also responds to the conditions, automatically adjusting power distribution to improve on-road agility. The torque distribution can vary between the front and rear axles from 31% to 69% on dry roads to 48% to 52% on slick surfaces.

The Torsen limited-slip center differential also helps increase the rear torque, which can increase torque transfer by up to 80%. This type of differential also works well with a wide variety of gear ratios, ensuring that the wheels always have a solid grip, regardless of the gear.

The Torsen differential allows the designer to have complete control over the torque split between the front and rear wheels. This enables a driver to send up to 100 per cent of the torque to the wheel that has the best traction. The Torsen differential is ideal for light track and street use. This system will also help avoid power-on understeer.

FS500 log splitter comes with a 1-year warranty

The FS500 log splitter is a powerful, high-production log splitter that is ideal for commercial use. It is powered by a Honda 630cc gas engine that can produce up to three cords of wood per hour. It also has a capacity to split logs up to 24 inches (609.6 mm) long. The FS500 features 42 tons of splitting force and a two-stage hydraulic pump with a 28 GPM flow rate.

The FS500 log splitter comes with EPA-certified oil and gas engines, and its 2-stage hydraulic pump delivers up to 3900 PSI and 11 gallons of hydraulic oil per minute. It also includes a four-gallon hydraulic oil tank and an internal hydraulic filter. The pump automatically adjusts its flow rate and pressure to match the load on the ram, maximizing productivity and efficiency. The full beam design offers a high cycle time and is suitable for splits up to 24 inches.

The FS500 log splitter has a heavy-duty steel frame and is three times heavier than comparable wood splitters. It is also equipped with a trailer with a 2,200-lb torsion axle, LED lights, and a stabilizer hitch. The FS500 also has a raised deck level, which is 12″ higher than other models. In addition, it comes with an operator panel that includes left and right controls for the splitter as well as up and down controls for the log lift.

This log splitter is very durable, weighing four hundred and nine pounds. It is equipped with 16-inch pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability and a two-inch tow hitch. Its towing capacity is 45 MPH. A one-year warranty for parts and labor is also included.

Under the warranty period, Pascal International Inc. will provide replacement parts or service for the splitter, but the warranty does not cover the cost of labour, transportation, and other expenses related to replacement of parts. The company also reserves the right to substitute materials or change the model. Moreover, it decides which carrier will deliver the replacement parts. Express shipping is available for an extra fee.

This log splitter can handle logs up to 17 inches in diameter. Its hydraulic system also comes with a one-year warranty. Its engine is a B&S petrol engine. Its design is highly durable and comes with a 1-year warranty.

A one-year warranty is provided with the purchase of the FS500 log splitter. However, this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, after-market modifications, or damages caused by negligence. The warranty is also valid for the original purchaser and does not transfer.

LS 500 wood processor comes with a Torsen(r) limited-slip center differential

The Torsen(r) limited-s slip center differential is a key feature for the LS 500 wood processor. It offers equal torque distribution to both front and rear wheels and a highly compact design. It also suppresses understeer and provides excellent acceleration stability.

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