Lumag SSA400G Petrol Firewood Processor

If you’re looking to split firewood, you can’t go wrong with the Lumag SSA400G Petrol Firewood Processor. Its inner chainsaw slices the wood and drops it into a splitting chamber, where it gets split into manageable pieces. This solid machine comes with a trailer chassis and features a roller table and folding conveyor for easy moving around the job site. It’s easy to use, and Lumag customer service can offer expert advice.

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The Lumag SSA300 wood processor has a powerful petrol engine to help you process various logs. This machine can handle records as large as 500mm in diameter. The PTO makes it faster to process logs and split wood into smaller pieces. It’s also foldable for easy storage.

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The Lumag SSA400G is a high-powered wood processor that one person can operate. Its chainsaw cuts the wood into small pieces, which drop into the splitting chamber. This machine runs on a sturdy steel frame and has a 400cc petrol engine, efficiently powered by a PTO. For ease of use, the unit comes with a folding table that can be used for processing firewood.

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