Mini Excavator Wood Processor

When looking for a mini excavator wood processor, you’ll want to look for a German-made machine that can split large logs in seconds. These machines are replacing four-way log splitters and full-time workers. They’re an excellent investment for your property and will allow you to complete the work more efficiently and with fewer resources.


The SSP-180 mini excavator is an efficient and reliable tool for processing firewood. It features an automatic retractable splitter, saw, and a conveying member that moves logs in the cutting process. It can handle records up to 18″ in diameter.

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The SSP-180 skid steer wood processor attachment is durable and reliable. It has an auto-return feature to increase splitting efficiency by automatically returning the wedge to its starting position. It also has a hydraulic system that works on uneven terrains. It has a cutting unit, a working end, and a conveying member and can take logs up to 420mm in diameter.

The SSP-180 is a compact and lightweight machine with a self-contained hydraulic system. It processes up to two cords of firewood per hour and has a durable design and a one-year warranty. The hydraulic system has a silent design and does not require conventional drive belts.

The SSP-180 mini excavator firewood processor can be mounted to a skid steer or a small excavator. It weighs around 2050 pounds and is easy to transport. It can be operated by one or two people and is ideal for extensive volume log processing. Its unique design features a conveying member next to the cutting unit.

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Hahn HFP160

The Hahn HFP160 is a new skid-steer mounted wood processor that splits logs into four, six, or eight pieces. It can be operated from a cab on a compact track loader or skid steer. It requires 20 GPM of auxiliary hydraulic flow. It can pick up a log and move it up to the processor, where it splits it into four pieces for easy transport. It can also move the split wood to a trailer. This has significantly increased its versatility.

The Hahn HFP160 has significantly increased Rodney Rosetta’s productivity. He uses it in his home wood-processing business, One Man and a Load of Firewood. This machine cuts and splits wood much faster than a manual ax.

The Hahn HFP160 mini excavator wood processor can process logs of different sizes and has a spiral blade to ensure an even cut. It has a wide conveyor that helps prevent jamming and allows the operator to process multiple logs simultaneously.

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The Hahn HFP160 can process logs as large as 16 inches in diameter. Rodney sells his finished records in 14″ or 16″ lengths and hand-cuts wood for model homes. He owns three wedges but primarily uses the eight-way wedge. He also learned to lift the machine six feet higher than usual to improve visibility.

If you need a wood processor, you can find one for your needs by checking out the reviews of other models online. This model will process up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. It is a powerful machine that is built in Minnesota. If you are on a budget, it can help you save on labor and expenses by cutting down the time it takes to split logs.

Black Splitter S2X 800

A mini excavator wood processor is a perfect accessory for a small business. This German-made machine allows the operator to split even the most enormous logs without getting out of the cab. This feature is essential for hardwood companies, as incoming recycled wood is of poor quality and in various shapes.

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This attachment can be mounted on a Caterpillar 420F backhoe loader. It pivots around a pile of logs and reduces them in size before loading. This makes the process much faster and increases productivity and usable records.

The Black Splitter S2X 800 is a powerful hydraulic wood-splitting attachment for mini excavators and backhoes. The S2X 800 allows the operator to split large timber without leaving the cab. It is used in a variety of industries across the world, including firewood production, biomass harvesting, landscaping, and land clearing. Its rotating cone can position individual logs for splitting, improving operator comfort and productivity.

The Black Splitter S2X 800 hydraulic wood splitter is designed for mini excavators that weigh from one to twenty-five tons. Its cone features a chromium-steel rotating thread for maximum power. It also features a dual-helical thread design with a 24-mm pitch. The Black Splitter S2X 800 is equipped with an automatic return mechanism, which allows the user to quickly return the machine to its base position after splitting large timber.

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