Moelven Hydraulic Wood Processor

The Moelven hydraulic wood processor is a machine that helps you to process wood into a usable form. The company uses certified sustainable forests to source its timber. They also produce their products close to their raw materials, thereby avoiding long transport distances. This makes Moelven’s equipment very energy efficient.

Description of a preferred embodiment of the invention

A description of a preferred embodiment of an invention explains how the invention works and links to the drawings. It should be detailed enough that a skilled person could reproduce the invention with the necessary elements. It should also explain the most effective way to implement the invention. The description should include all apparatus and method claims. It follows the same general structure as a patent application.

While most inventors have an idea of the most desirable embodiment of the invention, they must think outside the box and describe every version that works. For example, an automobile invention may require a description of headlight construction and ejection seat operation. A preferred embodiment may also be a commercial product or service.

Cost of a preferred embodiment of the invention

A preferred embodiment is a specific example of an invention. However, the invention does not have to be limited to that specific example. It may include many variations of the same core concept. These variations may include different structures, steps, or combinations of those features. The preferred embodiment is not necessarily the best or only option for the invention.

The preferred embodiment of the invention is typically described in the specification, not in the claims. The description is the part of a utility patent where the inventor fleshes out the concept. The most common use of a preferred embodiment occurs in the Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiment (DDE). This section of the patent specification will typically include numerals that refer to the drawings.

Environmental impact of the preferred embodiment of the invention

A preferred embodiment of the invention comprises a method for collecting spilled oil. This method includes deploying an electromagnetic boom in a spilled oil region, creating a magnetic field around the boom, and driving the magnetized oil along the magnetic field to a collection point. The method is effective in removing the oil from the surrounding environment. It may also comprise sweeping the electromagnetic boom through an oil spill.

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