Multitek 2025 Wood Processor

The Multitek 2025 wood processor is a powerful wood processing machine. It features a heated cab enclosure, high visibility windows, and a fully equipped operator’s cab. In addition to the above features, this machine also comes with a Screener. It can process up to 5 tons of wood per hour and is capable of processing a wide variety of hardwoods.


The Multitek 2025 wood processor is a versatile machine with a 48-inch circular cut-off saw and a 36-inch harvester bar. It is powered by an 80 horsepower turbo diesel engine and comes with a 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty. There are various options to customize your Multitek 2025 firewood processor, including adding optional axes and chainsaws.

This powerful firewood processor comes with multiple features, including a hydraulic winch and triple pumps. It can process two to three cords of wood per hour and can process up to 16-inch-diameter records. Its single-person operation makes it easy to use. It also includes a joystick, which allows the operator to control the entire process.


The Multitek 2025 wood processor is a powerful machine with professional features that can increase your production while requiring fewer hands and hours. This heavy-duty machine is powered by an 80 horsepower turbo diesel and comes with many features. The screener is an additional bonus, bringing attention to your finished products.

The multitek 2025xp’s performance has been improved by 30% over the previous model year. It is built on the same sturdy, durable frame that underpins the company’s other flagship models, including the multi-level 2040xp2. This wood processor retains many of the features of its larger cousins, including the Multitek-exclusive overhead shuttle grapple system, which allows you to process crooked or low-grade materials with ease and accuracy. Its crooked-wood-processing system also enables you to get more accurate firewood lengths with less effort.

The Multitek 2025xp wood processor can be equipped with an optional 48-inch circular cut off saw, 36-inch harvester bar, and 3/4-inch pitch saw chain. The patented guillotine cutting system is said to reduce maintenance and increase machine productivity by 30 percent. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is rated for two to three cords per hour.


The Multitek 2025 wood processor screener is a powerful and versatile machine that is perfect for small-scale operations. It features a fully equipped operator’s cab with a comfortable suspension seat. It also has a heated cab enclosure with high-visibility windows. Its impressive features include a low-maintenance price tag and CE certification.

Overhead shuttle grapple system

The shuttle grapple system is unique to Multitek and was first introduced in the early 1980s. The system was designed to feed and advance logs to the saw with minimal hand work. It works like an extension of the operator and feeds and sorts logs on the deck. Because the operator can watch the feed as it occurs, the operator is able to make sure that each log is sorted and cut perfectly.

The Multitek 2025 wood processor has a patented overhead shuttle grapple system and a heavy-duty frame. It weighs over 11,000 pounds and features an 80-horsepower turbo diesel engine. The overhead shuttle grapple system makes processing crooked logs easier. It also produces more accurate firewood lengths.

Multitek started out in the hydraulic machinery business, and their founder was the inventor of the log loader. Since then, they’ve been applying their expertise to firewood processors. The 2025XP wood processor can process two to three cords of wood an hour. It can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also has a patented guillotine cutting system.

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